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MMO ReRoll: The Not So MMOs

Mitch takes a look at some of the "Not So MMOs" this month in his MMO ReRoll column: Destiny 2, Warframe, Dauntless and Fallout 76.

MMO ReRoll - EVE Online

Mitch is back with his latest MMO ReRoll column, this time tackling the sci-fi MMO, EVE Online.

MMO ReRoll - Secret World Legends

Mitch played The Secret World when it first launched, though wasn't all that taken with the MMO. However, he's jumping back in to give it another shot with Secret World Legends in this latest MMO ReRoll.

MMO ReRoll - Dungeons & Dragons Online

Mitch is back with his latest MMO ReRoll column, this time taking a look at Dungeons & Dragons Online. How does the starting experience - and the MMO in general - hold up in 2021?

MMO ReRoll - Final Fantasy XI

Mitch never really knew much about Final Fantasy XI before choosing it was this month's MMO Reroll. However, given than we opened up the MMO Reroll column with Final Fantasy XIV, it seemed fitting to close out season one with the first MMO in the mainline Final Fantasy series.

MMO Reroll - Guild Wars 2

Mitch is back with another MMO Reroll article, this time taking Guild Wars 2 through its paces.

MMO ReRoll - Neverwinter

Mitch is back with another MMO ReRoll. This time, Mitch takes a look at Cryptic's Neverwinter and how it holds up years after is initial release.


Mitch tackles RIFT in the latest edition of MMO ReRoll. How does the MMO hold up in the years since its release? Check out his toughts in his latest column.

MMO Reroll - Skyforge

On this month's MMO Reroll, Mitch revisits Skyforge. Just how has it held up five years after release?

MMO ReRoll - Champions Online

After adventuring through a few high fantasy RPGs for MMO Reroll, Mitch felt like it was time to take a break from dwarves and trolls and try something different. So he turned to Champions Online. What's it like to check out this MMO in 2021 as a new player?

MMO Reroll - Tera

Last month in MMO Reroll, Mitch took a trip back to the Dark Ages of gaming - the early 2000s - and gave the aptly named Dark Ages of Camelot a try. This month, it's TERA.

MMO Reroll: Dark Age Of Camelot

Join Mitch as he checks out Dark Age of Camelot in 2020, in this edition of MMO Reroll.

MMO Reroll: Blade & Soul

In this edition of MMO Reroll, Mitch takes a look at Blade & Soul and how it feels playing the MMO for the first time in 2020.

MMO Reroll - A Start In An Old MMO

Join Mitch as he searches through the MMO discard pile in an attempt to rediscover the communities that he walked away from the first time around. This time, it's Final Fantasy XIV!