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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kicks Off Its Seasons Over the Weekend, Allowing Perpetual MMO Testing

Pantheon's new Seasonal testing model launched over the weekend, opening the MMO up to perpetual testing for the first time.

Warframe To Launch On iOS February 20 With Cross-Save

iPhone users will finally get to join other space ninjas across all platforms as Warframe hits iOS on February 20th.

No Man's Sky Is Free Till Monday To Celebrate Its Omega Update

No Man's Sky is free till Monday as it celebrates the launch of its Omega Expedition update, bringing quality of life tweaks, new content, and a completely revamped Atlas questline.

Sea of Thieves Season 11 Brings Major Overhaul With Fast-Travel Feature

The multiplayer pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves is getting a humongous update next week, introducing a much-needed fast travel system and more. 

World of Warcraft: Looking Ahead to Seeds of Renewal

World of Warcraft Dragonflight keeps marching along with the consistent updates, and our next one is hitting on January 16th. Robin looks ahead to Seeds of Renewal.

Anime-Inspired Astral Tale Has Launched Worldwide Into Open Beta

The anime MMORPG Astral Tale has officially launched its global open beta version on this week, and even though there was a small delay in release, players are stoked to be able to dive in.

Wage War and Support a Stronghold in Indie MMO Grudge

Indie MMO Grudge is an interesting open-world survival-craft MMO that features intense combat, base building and more, and it just hit Steam.

Wayfinder Roadmap Reveals 2024 Roadmap As New Content Hits Job Board

The developers at Airship Syndicate have revealed the Q1 content Roadmap for their MMO Wayfinder while also announcing a bit of new content to hit the game within a Job Board preview.

Microsoft Has Reportedly Considered Bringing Sea Of Thieves To PS5 And Switch

Earlier today, reports started to circulate from industry insiders that Microsoft has reportedly considered bringing one of its first-party IPs, Sea of Thieves, to rival Sony and Nintendo platforms.

One Runescape Player Has Finally Received Every Drop From Every Boss

Runescape has been around since 2001 and has been one of the most iconic MMORPGs to ever hit the market. One player has finally bagged every drop from every in-game boss and has decided to share their story on how they completed this monumental feat. 

Mad World Age of Darkness Will Finally Release On Steam Next Month

Mad World Age of Darkness is finally making its way to Steam, and with it comes a few new surprises for players to enjoy as they celebrate the new platform release. 

Quite A Few MMOs Make Steam's Best Of 2023 List

The annual Steam Best of list is now live, showing the top games by revenue, player count and more this year. And, as per usual, we're interested in what MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles made Steam's list. Looks like quite a few.

Palia Is Giving Players In-Game Decorations - But Only For A Limited Time

Palia, the cozy MMO that launched earlier this year on PC (and most recently on Steam) wants to help make your homestead a bit more cozy with some in-game decorations simply for playing.

Which World of Warcraft Classic HC Race Is Best?

When it comes to Classic Hardcore in World of Warcraft, it's essential to optimize wherever you can. It's a fun but challenging game mode, and any advantage that you can give yourself is worth taking - especially if you're a new player.

Palia on Switch Impressions: A Cozy MMO With Promise

Mike dove into Palia on the Switch, checking out how the cozy MMO fares on Nintendo's handheld, as well as checking in on the multiplayer experience in the open beta release.