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Dual Universe Review In Progress: Settling Among Stars

Dual Universe is finally out of early access, bringing the full experience to sci-fi MMO fans eager to seek their own paths. Bradford takes the early hours out for a spin in our review in progress.

Preview: Firing Up Foxhole's Inferno Update With Siege Camp Co-Founder Mark Ng

Mitch takes a look at Foxhole, the recently released MMO by Seige Camp, that pits players into every facet of battlefield logistics in World War 2. We take a look thanks to a preview with co-founder Mark Ng.

Dual Universe Preps For Tomorrow's Launch With New Launch Trailer

Dual Universe finally drops out of Early Access tomorrow, September 27th, and the team at Novaquark are celebrating with a new launch trailer giving a taste of what's to come.

How Tower of Fantasy Players Can Prepare For the Artificial Island's Raids

Tower of Fantasy's global version launched last month and it looks like developer Hotta Games is speeding things up when it comes to releasing content for the game. With the Artificial Island update last week, Kanishka lays out how players can prep to take on their first raids in the mobile MMO.

Valheim Coming To Game Pass PC, Microsoft Store Later This Month, Still No Release Date On Mistlands

Iron Gate announced today that its popular Viking survival game, Valheim, would be making the jump to Xbox Game Pass PC, as well as become available on the Microsoft Store. While the new way to access Valheim is sure to excite, there is still the matter of the Mistlands themselves, which are not quite ready for release according to a new blog post.

WW2 MMO Foxhole Is Leaving Early Access, Launching 1.0 On September 28th

World War 2-themed MMO, Foxhole, is launching out of early access later this month, seeing its 1.0 patch hit on September 28th. This logistics-based MMO is bringing with it overhauled logistics, new weapons and transportation systems to support the frontline.

Warframe Plans Upcoming Livestreams To Talk Soulframe Transition, Veilbreaker And More

Developer Digital Extremes is planning multiple upcoming livestreams to get players ready for the next updates coming to its MMO universe. Streams starting ahead of Gamescom will dive into more about its upcoming Soulframe title, as well as look ahead to Veilbreaker.

Tower Of Fantasy Launches Today On PC And Mobile - Are You Jumping In?

Tower of Fantasy's long-awaited launch happens today, bringing the open-world MMORPG to PC and mobile devices.

Report: Blizzard, NetEase Have Canceled An Under-Development World of Warcraft Mobile MMO

Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase have canceled an under-development World of Warcraft mobile MMO that has been under development, according to a new report by Bloomberg. The title, codenamed Neptune, would have been a mobile MMO set in the same universe as Blizzard's long-popular World of Warcraft, but the project has been set aside due to a financial dispute.

Chimeraland Review In Progress

Survival MMO, Chimeraland, has launched in North America on mobile and Steam, and Kevin is putting the MMO through its paces. Check out our review in progress.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Update 12 Brings New Criminal Mission To The Sandbox

If you've been playing on the darker side of the Milky Way, Elite Dangerous Odyssey now has a mission variant that will let you lean in harder on the wrong side of the law. Update 12 brings a new criminal mission, as well as shipyard terminals to settlement prisons.

Interview: Longtime MMO Developer Gordon Walton Joins Playable Worlds As Executive Producer

Longtime MMO developer, Gordon Walton has joined Playable Worlds, the company building a new cloud-native sandbox MMORPG helmed by Raph Koster. Walton joins Playable Worlds as both Executive Producer and Chief Product Officer.

Temtem Gets A 1.0 Release Date, Launching Out Of Early Access On September 6th

Temtem, the creature collecting title by Crema and Humble Games, will finally be releasing out of Early Access later this year. Coming on September 6th to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch, the Pokemon-inspired MMO will bring with it new features, areas, and more.

Sea Of Thieves' Mysteries Systems Aims To Bring Game Changing Storytelling To The High Seas

Sea of Thieves was always designed to deliver the ultimate pirate fantasy, whether that be exploring deserted islands for treasure, swashbuckling with other pirates for loot or just sailing the seas in your own galleon. The new Mysteries feature aims to bring live storytelling to the game in a way that, as the developers put it, "have never really seen before."

Elite Dangerous Is Giving Console Players Free Copies Of The Game On PC

As many Elite Dangerous fans know, development on the console versions has been canceled with Frontier prioritizing the PC version of the space-faring sim. As a result, Frontier are giving console fans a way to carry their progress over to PC, as well as easing their docking on the platform in the form of the game for free.