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Chronicles of Elyria Developers Show Off Kingdoms of Elyria Footage; Lawsuit Group Posts Court Challenge Documents

Chronicles of Elyria developer Soulbound Studios is finally back with its Inside Chronicles of Elyria video series, this time showing off Alpha gameplay of the upcoming Kingdoms of Elyria. The alpha, which was supposed to start by the end of May but was delayed due to issues, will see players dive into the kingdom sim for the first time since SBS announced it earlier this year.

E3 2021: Fallout 76: Steel Reign Coming July 7th; The Pitt Expedition Teased For 2022

Fallout 76 has had an interesting journey. From a game with no NPCs at launch to one that is now creating full fleshed out storylines with NPC factions for players to explore, the next step in that journey is coming on July 7th, with Steel Reign.

Captain Jack Sparrow Will Be Gracing The Sea Of Thieves In 'A Pirate's Life,' Coming June 22nd

It looks like Disney and Rare have decided to finally give Sea of Thieves players the crossover made in heaven, as the Pirates of the Caribbean crew has graced the Sea of Thieves in an original new story in A Pirate's Life, coming for free on June 22nd.

E3 2021: Here's 5 Minutes Of Riders Republic Gameplay, Ubisoft's Sports MMO Which Releases On September 2nd

From the developers of Steep, Riders Republic will be bringing its sports MMO playground to PC, Xbox, PlayStation consoles, as well as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna on September 2nd.

E3 2021: Lost Ark Is Coming Fall 2021 To The West Via Amazon Game Studios

One of the most highly requested games to come to the West, Lost Ark, is confirmed to be coming finally. Players will be able to drop the VPN and play on a client built specifically for the West this fall, with a beta coming this summer. Smilegate's free-to-play MMOARPG is one that many fans have been waiting for, but for the uninitiated, just what is Lost Ark?

ARK: Genesis Part 2 Released, Bringing The Dino-Survival Game's Story To A Close

ARK: Survival Evovled is closing out it's narrative with its Genesis Part 2 update, which went live yesterday. The new content brings the story to a close, while also leading into what players can start to expect when ARK 2 releases down the road.

Frontier Details Road Map For Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Detailing Next Three Patches Coming This Month

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey got off to a really rocky start, and the team at Frontier is working to ensure that the anticipated expansion is as stable and performant as possible in the wake of the launch. Today the team shared a bit of its roadmap for the next few patches as well as what they are doing to fix issues, as well as improving communication with the playerbase.

Dark Age Of Camelot: Teach The PvP You Want To See

Niklas takes a look at PvP in Dark Age of Camelot, specifically the player-run scene in the community and how its 8v8 event took the aging MMO by storm earlier this year.

Frontier's CEO Apologizes For State Of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Launch, Taking Issues 'Very Seriously'

If you're one of the many commanders who tried their hand at Elite Dangerous Odyssey last week when it launched just two weeks out of its Alpha, you've likely noticed it doesn't have the same level of polish Frontier Developments has been known for. As such, CEO David Braben took to the Frontier forums to apologize "wholeheartedly."

Blue Protocol Is Hosting A Developer Update On May 27th

Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco's anime-inspired MMO is gearing up for a developer update, the team announced today via Twitter. The upcoming update will take place on YouTube and will debut on May 27th.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Out Today, Bringing On-Foot Exploration And Missions To The Milky Way

Elite Dangerous' latest expansion, Odyssey, has launched today, bringing a whole new element of gameplay to the experience: first person on-foot exploration.

Key To Heaven, Indie MMO, Says Over 6500 Characters Have Been Made Since Its Launch, Talks Next Big Update

Key To Heaven, a 2D indie MMO, just dropped a major new update to the Early Access online RPG, as well as announced via a press release that since its launch its seen over 6500 unique characters created.

Phantasy Star Online 2's New Genesis Is Available For Pre-Download Ahead Of This Weekend's Beta Test

May is the month of MMO tests it seems, and another one is just on the horizon. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will be in testing mode this weekend, and for those who have received their invites, pre-downloads have begun.

Destiny 2's Latest Season, Season of the Splicer, Is Now Live Along With Armor Transmog System

Destiny 2's latest season, titled Season of the Splicer, is now live in Bungie's looter MMOFPS. The season sees the return of the Vault of Glass raid as well as a new six-player seasonal activity.

Polish MMO 'Broken Ranks' Holding Sign Ups for Closed Beta

Broken Ranks is a Polish MMORPG currently taking sign ups for beta. In fact, we have a trailer to boot. Here's what we know so far about the game including the story, combat, what systems it'll release on, and more.