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Will Play to Earn Become the New Free to Play?

Before the age of Satoshi's, meme coins and the overwhelming rejection of acronyms such as NFT, we MMORPG players were graced with another distasteful choice in monetization schemes. The rise of the, once hated, but now widely accepted, Free to Play model has stood the test of time. Will Play to Earn go the same way?

Top 5 Most Active MMORPGs on Steam in 2022

Are you tired of MMORPGs that are missing the "Massive" players they're supposed to have? Hopping online with thousands of other players is one of the things that makes MMORPG's great, but so many games these days feel empty, or feel as though they just don't have very active communities. Luckily, we've checked the charts, and put together a list of 5 of Steams most active MMORPG's by their current peak daily player count.

Developer WEMADE Announces Legend of Ymir - A European Fantasy Game Mirroring Legend of MIR

WEMADE, a Korean development studio behind the MIR series of games, has announced a new title called Legend of Ymir. In the tech demo announcement released by WEMADE Global, the Producer of Legend of Ymir explains that the upcoming title will adhere to the story of Legend of MIR, but will utilize Unreal Engine 5 as their first foray into a next-generation MMORPG.