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Dungeons & Dragons Online Is Getting A Mini-Expansion, Called 'The Sinister Secret Of Saltmarsh'

Standing Stone Games is testing the waters of the mini-expansion release with their other MMO, Dungeons & Dragons Online, with Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini announcing the D&D game will see one hit this year.

LotRO's New Mini-Expansion Is Giving Me Mixed Feelings

The Lord of the Rings Online's self-styled "mini-expansion" has definitely been controversial, so much so that it's giving Bradford, our resident LOTRO expert, mixed feelings. Is it truly something that should be called a "mini-expansion"or does it feel like a cash grab from what many feel is an inattentive studio?

The Lord of the Rings Online's War of Three Peaks Expansion Versions Finally Revealed, Releases Today

The controversial mini-expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, War of Three Peaks, has finally been detailed by Standing Stone Games. On the expansions page, you can see what separates the different varied costs of War of Three Peaks, as well as check out a new trailer for the content update, which goes live today.

New Test Server Update For LOTRO Brings Scaleable Missions

The Lord of the Rings Online's test server is running again, and this time will allow players to test out new, scaleable missions. Additionally, the multi-tiered raid for The War of Three Peaks brings the fourth tier to the test server.

LOTRO Community Manager Vague On Mini-Expansion Details

In a recent conversation on the forums, LOTRO's Community Manager Cordovan appeared a bit vague in providing details regarding mini-expansions.

Opinion: LotRO's Mini-Expansion Pricing Feels Tone Deaf

After a rough few months ending the summer, The Lord of the Rings Online seems to be looking ahead at their upcoming content plans. War of the Three Peaks was talked about again on the recent Cord of the Rings stream, but it's the pricing that feels off. Mini-expansion for $99? Bradford breaks down why he feels the timing seems tone deaf.