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Everywhere Dev Build A Rocket Boy Responds To NFT And Blockchain Concerns Due To Job Listings

Everywhere, a new multiplayer game that sounds a bit metaverse-y, was announced yesterday during Gamescom's Opening Night Live. Since then, concerns have been pouring in from viewers who point to blockchain job postings that Everywhere might be build on the technology. Today, studio Build A Rocket Boy, responded to those concerns.

Life Beyond Alpha Impressions - Is This Play and Earn MMO a Real Game? | MMONFT

At the end of June, Life Beyond opened up its Alpha version. After receiving an Airdropped NFT to access the game early, and spending tons of time to forge an opinion, is Life Beyond a real game, or is it something else?

Interview: Raph Koster on The Metaverse, Cloud Native Gaming and Playable Worlds' Project

Have you heard the term Metaverse recently? Is it just a buzz word used to hype a new upcoming game or is it the future of interconnected social interactions? we decided to pose the question to someone who has actually created a Metaverse in the past, MMORPG Legend, Raph Koster!

Square Enix Brings Dungeon Siege LAND to The Sandbox in New Metaverse Deal

Dungeon Siege LAND, with curated RPG content, is the latest addition to The Sandbox, via a partnership between Square Enix and the metaverse platform.

Is 'The Metaverse' an MMORPG?

Recently we've noticed that a number of developers and companies are working hard towards building Metaverses, which is aimed directly at expansive online spaces that meld real and virtual experiences. From an outside perspective, you may ask yourself, "Isn't a Metaverse just another kind of MMORPG?" The answer is complicated.

Krafton Announces Investments and Intent to Leverage MMO Experience to Create NFTs Under Bluehole Studio

Krafton has announced investments in an effort to create NFTs using the company's experience in the MMORPG space.

Oberhasli Or Bust: Touring deadmau5's New Core World With The Man Himself

What happens when you combine the MMO do-it-yourself gaming platform Core with one of the best EDM artists of all time? A new, digital world created by deadmau5 designed to keep the concert going.

Raph Koster Talks Differences Between Online Worlds And Metaverse In New Blog

Raph Koster of Playable Worlds dove a bit into the current discourse surrounding metaverses and online worlds, expounding up what the differences are between the two.

Raph Koster Proclaims: 'Yes, Worlds Can Feel Alive' - Teases Playable Worlds' Design Approach

Playable Worlds, an online gaming company helmed by legendary MMO Veteran Raph Koster, has been working towards an "outside the box" mentality when it comes to building a living online world. Playable Worlds was founded in 2018 and since raising 2.7 million in 2019, and curating a team of exceptional talent from multiple industries, hopes have been exceedingly high for what their development team will create.