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Meletrix Zoom98 Review: Perfect for Gaming and Productivity

Meletrix is back with its latest affordable custom keyboard kit, and if you've been craving a numpad, this may just be the kit for you. Find out in this review.

Lemokey L3 Review: Keychron Goes Gaming

Keychron has released a gaming brand called Lemokey, and we have its first-ever mechanical keyboard in-hand for review. Is the Lemokey L3 worth the $214 cost of entry? Find out in this review!

Watch Out, Wooting: Akko Launches New Adjustable Magnetic Switch Keyboard

Magnetic switches look like they might just be the new big trend in gaming keyboards. Wooting was one of the first brands to offer glassy, magnetic switches in its keyboards and it still one of the most popular today with its Wooting 60HE, but Steelseries, Corsair, and now Akko are official on the Hall Effect train as well. The competition is hot!

YUNZII's Affordable New Keyboards are Anything But Budget  #yunziikeyboard

YUNZII is a maker of affordable mechanical keyboards, and we recently went hands-on with the Z98 and AL71 to see how they fared. TL;DR: These keyboards are affordably priced but are anything but budget. Find out why in this review.

Dry Studio Black Diamond 75 Gaming Keyboard Review

Dry Studio is a brand new keyboard company debuting its launch product, the Black Diamond 75. It's a gaming keyboard that seems ripped straight from the custom keyboard scene and is beyond impressive. It's launching to IndieGoGo and needs your support -- but does it deserve it? Find out in this review.

Ducky ProjectD Outlaw65 Review: For the Pros?

Ducky is one of the biggest names in enthusiast and esports mechanical keyboards, and it just released its most exciting product, well, ever. The ProjectD Outlaw65 is Ducky's first custom mechanical keyboard. It has a lot to prove at $299. Find out if it delivers in this review.

Wind Studio Sin65 Review

The Wind Studio Sin65 is a unique and versatile custom keyboard kit inspired by the sine from trigonometry. It offers plenty of options, a great sound and feel, and retails for $288. Find out more in this review.

Monsgeek M1W Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Monsgeek M1W is a perfect example of Monsgeek's mission: to make high-quality keyboards more affordable. Coming in at $139.99 fully built or $109.99 as a barebones kit, it features an aluminum case, pre-lubed switches and stabilizers, fast 2.4GHz wireless, and other enthusiast features to deliver a premium typing experience. Find out more in this review.

Corsair K70 MAX Review

The Corsair K70 MAX takes aim at Wooting with magnetic, dual-actuation switches. Does it succeed? Find out in this review.

CIDOO V87 Review: Modern Vintage

The CIDOO V87 is a custom keyboard that you don't have to build yourself. It's built like a tank, feels great to type and game on, and sounds even better. The best part? It's only $150. Get all the details in this review.

Wilba.Tech Salvation Review: Typing on Springs

The mechanical keyboard hobby is very creative. People are constantly experimenting, whether it's to achieve zero stabilizer rattle or the most flex possible without going with a plate-less build. Almost every mechanical keyboard company has recently released a gasket-mounted board, which is great for newcomers but boring in my eyes. Today, we have the Wilba.Tech Salvation, a leaf spring 60% mechanical keyboard kit for $350.

Gamakay LK75 Wireless Keyboard Review: Photoshop-Inspired

The Gamakay LK75 is one of the quietest mechanical keyboards we've ever tried and includes a customizable OLED screen. Mushy switches, a dim screen, and confusing keycaps mar what would otherwise be a great experience. Find out more in this review.

IQUNIX Super 1+1 Mechanical Keyboard Kit Review

IQUNIX is launching a brand new line of custom keyboards dubbed IQUNIX SUPER. We have the first one in hand, and the IQUNIX SUPER 1+1 is more than a little unique. Find out if this keyboard is worth picking up in this review.

Melgeek Modern97 Review

Melgeek's has consistently delivered some of the best mechanical keyboards for gamers looking to blend aesthetics with great typing. The Modern97 is its most affordable wireless keyboard yet and doesn't leave performance on the table. Is it worth buying at $139? Find out in this review.

Razer BlackWidow V4 75% Review

The Razer BlackWidow V4 75% is an enthusiast-inspired mechanical keyboard, offering a compact and customizable typing experience that comes jam-packed with pre-installed features. Find out more in our review!