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KiiBOOM Phantom 81 Mechanical Keyboard Review: A Desktop Showpiece

KiiBOOM is a new player on the peripheral scene and is launching with a splash. The KiiBOOM Phantom 81 is a completely see-through keyboard packed with enthusiast features at a reasonable $159 price. Is it worth upgrading to for your gaming rig? Find out in our review!

Roccat Vulcan II Max Optical Gaming Keyboard Review

The original Roccat Vulkan was already one of the best-looking gaming keyboards you could buy. Find out what its successor, the Roccat Vulkan II MAX brings to your gaming rig in this review!

Keychron K3 Pro Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

Keychron just released its latest (and greatest?) low-profile mechanical keyboard. Is this the best wireless mechanical keyboard for travel and Mac? Find out in our review!

MIIIW BlackIO 83 is a Must-See See-Through Mechanical Keyboard (Review)

MIIIW is launching its latest keyboard on Kickstarter, and it's a must see. Featuring a transparent case and see-through keycaps, it's immediately eye-catching, but is it right for your desk? Find out in this review!

Keydous NJ80-AP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

One of the first things I noticed as soon as I unboxed the NJ80-AP is that the keycaps looked a bit bigger than the other 75% keyboards I have used before. Conversely, the total size of the keyboard also seemed a bit smaller. Right away those two things intrigued me and I was excited to hop into seeing how the NJ80-AP would stack up against the others. So how did it do?

Keychron Q10 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review

They Keychron Q10 is an ergonomic custom keyboard with an Alice layout, but unlike the others on the market, this one is designed for productivity and gaming. Is this the best ergonomic keyboard for gaming? Find out in our review!

Angry Miao AFA (Adjustable Flex Alice) Custom Keyboard Review

The innovators at Angry Miao have just unveiled their latest custom keyboard and it's a... spaceship? Find out whether this tech-packed and wholly unique keyboard is right for you in this review!

HelloGanss HS75T Review

The HelloGanss HS75T is an affordable wireless keyboard with chops enough for gaming. Coming in at $89.99, is this keyboard worth a buy? Find out in our review.

IQUNIX OG80 Review: Wormhole and Darkside

IQUNIX has developed a reputation for building some of the best premade keyboards you can buy. The OG80 promises TOTL wireless typing and gaming. Find out if this the best wireless mechanical keyboard you can buy in this review!

IRISLab JRIS65 Custom Keyboard Review: Better Than QK65?

The budget custom keyboard world is hotter than ever and we're looking at one of the most exciting in some time: the JRIS65 from IRISLab. Starting at $150, this keyboard will shock you with how good it actually is.

Steelseries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Review: The Best Compact Gaming Keyboard of 2022

The Apex Pro Mini Wireless is the best ultra-compact gaming keyboard you can buy today. Find out why in our review.

HELLOGANSS Launches HS75T RGB Mechanical Keyboards with Enthusiast Looks and Features

MechKeys reached out to share the news that HELLOGANSS is back with another keyboard, and it's out to impress with its looks and switches. The new HS75T RGB features an array of striking designs and includes two knobs for enhanced control over your media, RGB, and other programmable features. It also features Gateron's new Baby Kangeroo switches, which you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Vissles V84 Review: Wireless and Reasonably Priced

The best mechanical keyboards are getting more expensive all the time. The Vissles V84 aims to deliver a great typing and gaming experience for less. Is the V84 the best budget wireless keyboard? Find out in our review!

Keychron Q8 Review: The Affordable, High-End Ergo Custom Keyboard

Keychron is back with its latest custom keyboard and it's the most interesting yet. Is the Keychron Q8 the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard? You be the judge in our review.

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Review

The Razer DeathStalker is back! It brings high-performance optical switches and 2.4GHz wireless, but is it worth the $249.99 cost of entry? Find out in our review!