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Riders Republic is 'Not Abandoned' - Gives Community Update on What's to Come

The team behind Riders Republic wants players to know that the game is far from abandoned, and that they have some solid plans for the future. Check out what's coming up in the May update.

A3: Still Alive May Update Expands Soul Linker Capabilities, Brings New Event Dungeon

The May update for A3: Still Alive expands the capabilities of Soul Linker in addition to adding a new event dungeon.

RimWorld - Magna Carta

Red Thomas explores RimWorld in the wake of a fairly significant May patch. An expansion on the concepts first introduced in the Royalty DLC earlier this year, the May patch adds in even more depth and expanded playstyle options

Dual Universe Dev Diary Looks At Redesigned Planets, UI, More

The May dev diary for Dual Universe went up recently, as the team talked about planet redesign, the UI, and more.