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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Update Improves PC Performance, More Fixes

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has received a new patch which brings about several updates to the remastered trilogy. PC gamers in particular should be happy with improved performance with this patch.

Modders Restoring Unused Mass Effect Gay Romance Scenes

Romance is a huge part of any (good) BioWare game. With the recent release of Mass Effect Legendary Editions, new and old players alike are rekindling old flames, or starting new ones. However, one group of modders is digging a bit deeper.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC Review

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has finally arrived. As a Mass Effect series veteran, Shank had been awaiting its release for some time. Here's our review of Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

No Man's Sky Adds Mass Effect's Normandy As Expedition Reward

For those of us playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the SSV Normandy SR1 is a sight to behold. But what if you want to keep the Normandy, but explore more of the unknown in No Man's Sky? Well, now you can.

Change Your FOV For Mass Effect Legendary Edition Using This Mod

Is the current field of view in Mass Effect Legendary Edition just too constrained for you? Well, don't worry. As ever, modders have come to the rescue.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Officially Out Today

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastered version of BioWare's space epics, is finally out today across PC and consoles. The sci-fi trilogy has been given a fresh coat of paint, as well as support for 4K on consoles and HDR.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets a Reveal Trailer, Coming May 14 On Consoles and PC

The much anticipated, and needed, remaster of the original Mass Effect Trilogy has officially been given a release date, thanks to a new trailer released by EA this morning. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will hit Consoles, including last gen, as well as PC via Origin and Steam on May 14th in all its remastered glory.

Is the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Releasing in March?

Is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launching in March? Well, as spotted by Eurogamer, it just might.

NZXT Announces Mass Effect Themed H510i PC Case

Hot on the heels of announcing the highly-anticipated Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare has one more surprise for 2020's N7 Day... except, it isn't BioWare's surprise, it is NZXT's! The PC hardware company unveiled the latest installment into its CRFT line of custom PC cases: the NZXT CRFT 07 H510i Mass Effect Edition.