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Are Gear Treadmills the Best We Can Do for End Game? | One Good Roll

In this week's One Good Roll, Steven muses about how the gear grind has been a rather consistent pillar of endgame as far back as MMORPGs have been around, but he wonders, is this really the best end game MMORPG's can offer?

5 Mobile MMORPGs Actually Worth Playing | The Short List

Mobile App Stores are saturated with so many MMORPG's these days that it's hard to find those that stand out, to others that are just clones of one another. Here's a short list of 5 Mobile MMORPGs that are actually worth your time.

Marvel Future Revolution's Dark Dimension Opens Challenge With  Dormammu

The first major update for mobile open world RPG Marvel Future Revolution is here, and with it, the Dark Domain opens. There's a level cap increase, new features, costumes, some improvements to the player experience, and if you're up to the challenge - the arrival of Dormammu.

MARVEL Future Revolution Launching August 25 on iOS and Android

Marvel Future Revolution, the first Marvel open-world ARPG, is launching globally on August 25 for iOS and Android devices.

Marvel's Avengers vs Marvel Future Revolution - Who Wins in This Online Game Showdown?

Whether it's the X-Men vs the Inhumans, or Cap vs Iron Man in Civil War, putting Marvel against Marvel is nothing new. In this tale of two online Marvel games, who will win when the dust settles? Buckle up true-believers!

Marvel Future Revolution: 10 Tips You Need to Know Before the Global Launch

Shortly after an information overload from the Marvel Press Tour last week, Netmarble ended up soft-launching Marvel Future Revolution on Android for Canadian residents only. After grinding my way close to max level over several days, here's 10 helpful tips that you should know if you're thinking about playing MFR when it launches globally later this year.

Marvel Future Revolution Preview - The Future Is Now

Last week Marvel Games and Netmarble executives held a virtual press tour to give the media some insights into the team's next mobile Marvel game. Here is our preview of the forthcoming Marvel Future Revolution.

Marvel Future Revolution Debuts a Glorious New Teaser Trailer

Marvel's first open world RPG on mobile, Marvel Future Revolution (MFR), has been consistent in teasing heroes, villains and locations over the past several weeks on Twitter. Recently, a new teaser trailer was released that portrays some new characters, costume variants, and combat in what is shaping up to be the Marvel game to watch this year.

Marvel Future Revolution Teases Launch Characters and Iron Man Gameplay

Over the past several weeks Netmarble has been posting short character teasers of Marvel Future Revolution. The mobile game seemingly takes the success of Netmarbles Marvel Future Fight improves the graphics and features, and intends to transition it into a Multiplayer Open-World RPG.

Marvel's First Mobile Open World RPG Announced

Netmarble and Marvel have announced Marvel's first mobile open world RPG called MARVEL Future Revolution.