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Magic Legends Renames 'Weekly Caps' to 'Weekly Bonuses'

In case you haven't been following Magic: Legends too closely, the game announced recently they're changing the name of "Weekly Caps" to now be "Weekly Bonuses." Read on for what else was included in their recent update.

Magic: Legends Open Beta Live Now on PC

The PC open beta for Magic: Legends has arrived available on the Epic Games Store and on Arc Games.

Magic: Legends Open Beta Pre-Release Event Live Streaming Today at 2p ET

Ahead of tomorrow's PC open beta release, the Magic: Legends team is hosting a pre-release event later today at 2p ET. Here are the details.

Magic: Legends Unveils Planeswalker Bundle

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment revealed the Planeswalker Bundle for Magic: Legends. Here are the details.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Now Available in Android Early Access

Magic: The Gathering Arena has hit Android Early Access. Here's what you need to know.

Magic: The Gathering Teases Kaldheim Set

If you play Magic: The Gathering, you might not want to miss this teaser.

Magic: Legends Shares Details on Gavony Province

Magic: Legends has previewed the Gavony province, a "dark brooding province" you'll see when you visit Innistrad.

MTG Arena Hits MacOS on June 25

Magic: The Gathering Arena is heading to Mac on June 25, just a few days from now.

Here's How Arc Games is Bringing Shiv to Life in Magic: Legends

Arc Games takes a look at how they brought the land of Shiv to life in Magic: Legends.

Magic: ManaStrike Receives New Ikoria II Season

A new update has released for Magic: Manastrike which includes a new Ikoria II season, a new Magic Pass-exclusive Skin for the Planeswalker character Tezzeret, three all-new cards and more.

Magic: Legends Team Introduces Realms

In case you missed it, the Magic Legends team provided an update on realms and more recently.