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Grab Your Free Horse In The Lord Of The Rings Online While You Can As SSG Makes Up For The Downtime

Standing Stone Games has apologized for the unexpected downtime that kept its game worlds out of commission over the weekend. Lord of the Rings Online players can expect a free mount while DDO players are left with just a few boosts and VIP time.

The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online Servers Are Back Up After Weekend Outage

Both The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are both back up after a weekend-long outage.

[Updated] PSA: Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online From Standing Stone Games See Extended Outages

If you're having trouble logging into LotRO or DDO - you're not alone as Standing Strone Games appears to be dealing with extended outages.

Lord of the Rings Online's Update 39, Arenas of Conflict, Is Now Live

The new update has hit Lord of the Rings Online, and with it comes with a new 12-person raid, instances, class changes, and more. 

Best MMOs for Transmog Fans In 2024

People play MMOs for all sorts of reasons. Yet, for some, it's all about the fashion. Here are some of the best MMOs for Transmog fans to play in 2024.

LotRO's Bullroarer Server Opens Up Update 39 Testing While River Hobbits Are Now For Sale Using Points

The Lord of the Rings Online's Bullroarer test server is open once again, with Update 39 up for testing. Meanwhile, for those hoarding LotRO points to grab a shiny River Hobbit, you can now do so.

What Major MMO Expansion Are You Looking Forward To Most In 2024?

It's not even the end of January and we already know of multiple MMOs that are getting the expansion treatment this calendar year. Which one has caught your eye the most?

What Has Been Your Best MMO Experience In 2023?

As 2023 comes to a close next week, we're looking back on the year that was in MMOs. There have been a ton of good releases, but what about moments and experiences?

LotRO's Community Manager Talks Hardcore LotRO Servers, 2024 Plans In Latest Livestream

The last Cord of the Rings stream for The Lord of the Rings Online team has come and gone last Friday, and community manager Jerry "Cordovan" Snook touched on some interesting topics, from hardcore servers to a business meeting with publisher Daybreak.

LotRO's Corsairs Of Umbar Crafting Guilds Have Arrived While Combe Preps For Its Forester Event, Again

The Lord of the Rings Online's Crafting Guilds have made it to its latest expansion, Corsairs of Umbar, in a patch this week. Meanwhile, the residents of Combe are prepping for its latest attempt at its Forester crafting event.

MMO Holiday Event Round-Up - 2023 Edition

While everyone else is sipping eggnog and watching old Christmas movies for the millionth time, gamers around the world will be logging into their favorite MMO to slay all sorts of beasts and collect fantastic rewards. While some developers remain on the naughty list for another year, some of our favorite MMOs made the nice list by adding tons of new quests, challenges, and presents. 

LOTRO Delays Corsairs Of Umbar Expansion To November 8th

The Lord of the Rings Online has been gearing up for its trek south of Gondor, keen to take in the more southernly climes of Umbar, however players will have to wait a smidge longer as the next expansion has seen a delay.

Building An MMO Expansion: Crafting the World of LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar

In this second part of our Building An Expansion interview series with Standing Stone Games, we look at how the region of Umbar was crafted, from its early concept phase to placing the placeholder assets in the world itself.

The Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates Durin's Day While Crafting Can't Catch A Break

The Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating the father of the Dwarves with its Durin's Day event hitting game servers today, while its Forester event in Combe has hit yet another snag.

Preview: The Lord of the Rings Online's New Mariner Class Is All About Balance

Last week, The Lord of the Rings Online showcased its upcoming Mariner class, coming with the Umbar expansion later this year. The new class is all about balance, going with the ebb and flow of combat to maximize its potential.