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World Character Transfers Available in LOTRO

World character transfers appear to return to The Lord of the Rings Online.

LOTRO Previews 'Tournament of the Twins,' Coming Soon to Bullroarer Server

The Tournament of the Twins has been teased for the Bullroarer Lord of the Rings Online server in Update 26.2 and will run for a limited time.

LOTRO Players Solve Secret Stones Mystery

In case you missed it, LOTRO players recently solved the latest secret stones mystery.

LOTRO Update 26.0.2 Release Notes Sees Quest Fixes and More

Update 26.0.2 release notes for Lord of the Rings Online indicate several fixes for quests, UI, and more.

The MMOSide Chat - Are MMOs Really Less Social?

In a week where we've seen former Blizzard President Mike Morhaime talk about the decline of MMOs, the topic of social dynamics in the genre has been on my mind recently. Are MMOs today less social than traditional MMORPGS?

Standing Stone Games Extends LOTRO and DDO Free Content Through May 31

Remember some time ago when Standing Stone Games announced that Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online content would be free until April 30? Well, they've just extended that.

The Lord of the Rings Online Update 26 Brings Players To Wilderland

The Lord of the Rings Online has had a busy few days. Celebrating its 13th anniversary this week, the team at Standing Stone Games also releases one of it's largest patches - Update 26: Mists of Wilderland.

LOTRO Celebrates 13th Anniversary with Anniversary Festival

Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating its 13th anniversary with an anniversary event going live today.

The MMOSide Chat - Should MMOs Be Mostly Soloable?

In this edition of The MMOSide Chat, Bradford takes a look at whether or not MMORPGs should feature content that is mostly soloable, which is a trend we're seeing in the genre more and more nowadays.

The MMOSide Chat - What's Your Fondest MMORPG Moment?

A fireside chat about our fondest moments in our time playing MMORPGs.

Lord of the Rings Online Shares Update 25.4.5 Release Notes

Release notes for LOTRO's Update 25.4.5 have been released. Here's what's inside.

Giving The Healer Their Due - A Look At One Of The Major Roles In Keeping Your MMO Group Alive

Something has been mulling around in my mind since late March - and that's how little love healers tend to get compared the ire they draw if a group wipes. Players should be more eager to "toss a proverbial coin" to their healers, to steal a still popular meme, than they currently are.

LOTRO Producer's Letter Looks at 2020

A Lord of the Rings Online Producer's Letter looks forward to the rest of 2020.

OPINION: All MMOs Should Have An Open Exploration Mode

It's no secret that Elder Scrolls Online is my favorite MMO. I genuinely love the open freedom that game allows for, especially after the One Tamriel and Tamriel Unlimited updates. However, as I was playing LOTRO this weekend with my buddies, a new realization dawned on me. MMOs should have a free exploration mode, opening the map completely. Let me explain.

Five MMORPGs I'd Love To See On Console

For most of gaming's history, MMORPGs have mostly been PC affairs. But game after game has shown that there is a large fanbase eager to play these games on console. Here are the ones I'd love see make the jump to the living room.