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Lost Ark Squashes A Few Bugs and Extends Honing Bonus Book Availability Before Next Week's Major Patch

Today, Lost Ark gets an update focused on fixes. This comes ahead of next week's recently-confirmed major update that will bring the Machinist advanced class and more to be revealed.

Lost Ark Will Add The Machinist in Next Major Content Update September 28th

Lost Ark is adding the Machinist on September 28th in the next major content update. There's a new preview of the new advanced class' skills, from high tech suit to drone.

Arktoberfest Takes Over Lost Ark, Bringing New Co-Op Quests, Festival Foods, And Beer Heads

Arktoberfest is kicking off inside of Lost Ark and it's coming with many of the standard MMO holiday festival fare. It's also coming with a chance to walk around with a beer glass on your head.

Lost Ark Details Upcoming Server Merges and Announces Compensation for Extended Downtime This Week

The Lost Ark team has unveiled plans for the first round of server merges coming September 28th. Several regional merges will happen, and some server names will change. There's a FAQ on what to expect from any systems and items post-merge.

Lost Ark Update Delayed, But It Will Be Full of Quality of Life Updates and Prepare for First Server Merges

Today's planned Lost Ark update has been delayed until the team can address an issue with the build, but when it's live, it will bring tons of quality of life updates and fixes, social and chat improvements, and set the game up for the first server merges this month.

MMORPG Saturation or Unmet Expectations: Which is the Reason for the Quick Decline in New Game Population?

Why do new games drop in population so quickly after launch? Is it that the games themselves just don't meet expectations, or are there just too many MMORPGs to play these days? Steven provides his thoughts on the subject.

Lost Ark Team Clarifies CAPTCHA is a Potential Security Measure, Vows to Reverse All Penalties From Glitch

After this week's update, some Lost Ark players got CAPTCHA requests in game, with some failing and getting banned. The team has confirmed this was an unintentional release of a potential security option and promises to reverse penalties.

The Quick and Dirty: Lost Ark's Summer Patch

Lowry takes a look at the latest Lost Ark update and breaks down his thoughts, covering the Event Guardians to Pet Ranch that has taken over Arkesia.

Lost Ark Pulls Shiba Inu Temporarily Over Pricing Error, Addresses CAPTCHA Bug, and Powerpasses Go Live

Some housekeeping over at Lost Ark after the most recent update, as the team responds to sudden CAPTCHA requests (and bans over the bug), re-enables paid Powerpasses, and a pricing error means the new Shiba Inu is pulled from sale temporarily.

Level Your Pets to Legendary or Take on Event Guardians As Lost Ark Gets the Under the Arkesian Sun Update

Under the Arkesian Sun, the latest Lost Ark update, is coming tomorrow with the new Pet Ranch, and pet Expertise system, with bonuses, the return of Event Guardians, a new pet, new cosmetics, and more.

New World and Lost Ark Are Experiencing Serious Lag and Stability Issues, Amazon Promises Updates

Both New World and Lost Ark are reporting serious stability and lag issues, and both teams have advised their communities to await updates, as Amazon looks into the issues on both games.

Lost Ark Completes Punika Growth Support Pack Compensation For Unavailable Powerpass Time

The Lost Ark team has updated on the compensation for previously-disabled free Powerpasses after they were re-enabled this week. 

Lost Ark Enables Free Powerpasses and Sets August 24th for 'Under the Arkesian Sun' Pet Ranch Update

The Pet Ranch and Legendary Pets and rewards are coming August 24th to Lost Ark. Meanwhile, Free Powerpasses have been re-enabled and a compensation pack is available.

Lost Ark Clarifies RMT Policies, New Update Bringing Fixes, But Gifting and Powerpasses Still Disabled

This week's Lost Ark update is centered around some fixes for issues affecting skill trees and runes. However, there is no update yet on Powerpasses or gifting.

Lost Ark Weekly Update Adds New Three-Day Waiting for Gold Earned Via Rapport and Powerpasses

This week's Lost Ark update expands upon some of the rules introduced around Powerpasses to include Rapport, with a three-day waiting period before players can take advantage of gold they earn.