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Thaemine Epilogue, Hanumatan Trial Guardian Raid, More Music Box of Memories Coming to Lost Ark Tomorrow

With tomorrow's May update, Chaos Rising takes hold in Lost Ark. Expect the Thaemine epilogue, new Music Box of Memories content, a new adventure island, and the Hanumatan Trial Guardian raid.

Lost Ark June NA-East, South America Region Merge Details Released

Details are out on changes and preparation for Lost Ark's region merge, which will combine the North America-East with South American regions.

Lost Ark Announces Start of NA-South America Region Merge and Upcoming Boss Echidna Keeps Her Name

Lost Ark has new updates on the announced region merges, which will begin next month. They've also got a localization update that hopes to settle the debate over the Covetous Legion Commander originally known as Echidna before a controversial name change.

Interview: Lost Ark Thaemine Raid Weaves Complex Mechanics and Narrative Together

Lost Ark's Thaemine Legion Raid recently launched into the MMOARPG, and we sat down with the developers to talk about how they have built this incredibly difficult raid.

Lost Ark Roadmap Reveals New Endgame Content, New Continent, Raids, Events, and Much More in May-July

From May-July in Lost Ark, a new roadmap reveals the Thaemine epilogue, a new Trial Guardian Raid, new events, a brand new continent, more raids, advanced honing, and Western-exclusive cosmetics. 

In Arkesia, 'Darkness Unleashed' Brings the Thaemine Legion Raid Tomorrow, New Gear Progression System, and More

Lost Ark's next update, "Darkness Unleashed" is bringing Thaemine into Arkesia in full force tomorrow, with the new Legion Raid, new gear progression system, Transcendence, the Veskal Guardian Raid, and more.

Lost Ark Thaemine The First Race Details Include Top 10 Glory and a Haul for All Finishers

Lost Ark is getting ready for some harsh competition. Amazon has released details, including rules and sweet loot, for the Thaemine the First challenge.

Lost Ark Saga of Thaemine Begins Tomorrow With New Prologue Quest, New Progression System on the Way

Lost Ark's Saga of Thaemine is set to unfold this month, and the team is preparing everyone for the destructive, most powerful Legion Commander, starting with a new questline arriving tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, Lost Ark Adds The Breaker, New Zone, Story Quests, and Helpful Events As Chapter One Winds Down

Lost Ark's "Break Through to Thaemine" update will go live tomorrow, bringing the Breaker advanced class, a new horizontal progression catch-up mechanic, new story quests, and events.

Meet the Breaker, Lost Ark's Next Herd-Hitting Melee Advanced Class, Coming March 20th

Lost Ark will welcome its latest advanced class, the Breaker, on March 20th. The tem has released a new breakdown of the newest martial artist, including skills, playstyle, stances, and class identity.

Prepare for Major Lost Ark Server Merges This Week and Next Week

Big server merges are ahead for Lost Ark, with two rounds happening this week and next week. The Smilegate RPG and Amazon teams have released details to know ahead of these changes.

Interview: Chatting Lost Ark's Second Anniversary With Franchise Lead Soomin Park

We had the chance to chat about Lost Ark's second anniversary here in the West with Franchise Lead Soomin Park, where we talked about the changes leading up to now, as well as what the future holds for the MMOARPG.

Lost Ark Gets a Roadmap Update, Region Merge, and Updates on 'Major Ban Wave' in Fight Against RMT

Lost Ark finally has a new roadmap update, taking us through the major content beats  for the next two months, server merge plans, and a major region merge ahead. The Amazon team also updates on the latest ban wave and the continued fight against RMT.

Lost Ark Reveals Second Anniversary Gifts, and Stats Showing Successes (and Brelshaza Steamrolling)

Lost Ark is celebrating the second anniversary of its Western release, and Amazon Games has shared some new stats, along with details on a special second anniversary gift pack, Twitch Drops, and more.

Celebrate Lost Ark's Second Anniversary Tomorrow, With Arkesia Festival, Valtan Extreme, and Lots of Rewards

Lost Ark's '2 Extreme' update is coming tomorrow dn will bring the Valtan Extreme 8-player raid, the Arkesia Festival and second anniversary celebrations, along with events, and more.