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Lost Ark Shares First Anniversary Stats Infographic and Anniversary Twitch Drops

Lost Ark's first anniversary is here, and the team has a ton of stats to share from the first year of Western release, as well as more details on two claimable Twitch Drops.

Lost Ark Adjusts Item Restrictions to Mitigate Botting With Today's Anniversary Update

With today's first anniversary update, Lost Ark adjusts item restrictions to mitigate botting. The team has also revealed full details on the special anniversary Fever Time.

Lost Ark Details Anniversary Events Coming Tomorrow To Mark a Year Since Western Launch

The details are here for Lost Ark's first anniversary events to mark a year since its Western launch. Prepare to earn birthday cards to exchange for rewards, double login bonuses, and a rubber ducky fight.

Lost Ark Adding New PvP Continent Rowen, and Anniversary Events on February 8th

February will be a time to celebrate in Lost Ark. The February Anniversary Celebration update will add anniversary events, the new PvP content Rowen, and much more.

Lost Ark Servers Are Back Up After Disconnects Following Today's Big Update

Today's Lost Ark update caused disconnects that brought servers down for several hours. With the issue fixed, Lost Ark x The Witcher begins, and there's a compensation package coming for recent ban errors.

Lost Ark x The Witcher Collaboration Starts Tomorrow With a Big Update for Improvements

Tomorrow, the collaboration event between Lost Ark and The Witcher begins, with quests and themed items, packed into a robust update full of improvements.

Lost Ark Reverses Accidental Bans, Including of Inactive Player Accounts

The most recent large-scale ban wave targeting bots in Lost Ark accidentally banned a number of player accounts. The team fixed the issue, but negative responses and review bombing had happened.

Best ARPGs In 2023 To Play While You Wait For Diablo IV

Whether you're slaying a horde of demons or exploring the high seas, there's something indelible about the act of clicking your way through an open map full of monsters and treasures. The isometric point-and-click action RPG has been a mainstay for PC gamers for decades. With Diablo IV looming, here are the best ones to play to whet your appetite.

Lost Ark Confirms Large-Scale Bot Bans, As Some Request Restrictions Be Lifted

The Lost Ark team is confirming that the recent drop in concurrent users is the work of the latest banwave targeting the botting problem in the game. Some are hoping to see bot-fighting restrictions lifted.

Lost Ark's Witcher Crossover Event Is Coming On January 18th, Brings Daily And Story Quests To MMOARPG

The long-teased Witcher crossover event with Lost Ark has finally got a release date. Coming on January 18th, players will be able to work with series regulars such as Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, Triss Merigold and more in a new story and daily quests to earn new items inspired by the Polish fantasy epic.

Lost Ark is Granting More Battle Item Chests After Disappointing Random Gift

The Lost Ark community now has access to a holiday gift pack, and Amazon is assuring all that there will be some additional gifts to ensure you can get fully geared up for the content ahead.

Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap Details New Continent, The Witcher Event, Artist Class, New RvR Mode and Raids

Lost Ark team has a new roadmpa to shed some light on what to expect in the first few months of 2023.  From info on The Witcher collaboration, a new continent on the way, new RvR PvP mode, the new Artist class, and of course, new raids to challenge you.

MMORPG.com Game of the Year Awards 2022

2022 is almost at a close, and it's now awards season. We've revealed the Players' Choice winners last week, celebrating the games you, our readers, thought best exemplified 2022 in the world of MMOs, RPGs and online games. Here now are the staff picks for our Best of 2022 awards.

Lost Ark Opens Extended Joytide Fever Time and Prepares Bug Fixes

A new Fever Time event is open in Lost Ark, this time with items to claim for five days. The team has also released notes for tomorrow's update, which will fix several issues.

Best Of 2022: Players' Choice Awards 2022 Winners!

2022 has been a year for sure, with many games launching expansions, dropping lawsuits, and more. Here are your choices for our End of the Year Awards, including the Players' Choice for MMORPG of the year!