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Amazon Games Is Publishing A New Co-Op, Original IP From Glowmade

Amazon Games announced today it's expanding its third-party publishing program, this time working with independent studio Glowmade to publish their upcoming original IP. The studio is home to veteran developers who have worked on many big-name AAA titles across the industry, from Fable, Battlefield and more.

Lost Ark Delayed Until 2022, Closed Beta Coming On November 4th

Lost Ark, the Korean MMOARPG from Smilegate and Amazon, was supposed to be launching this fall, finally bringing the much anticipated title to the West. However, in an announcement made via Twitter today, the teams have made the decision to delay the launch of Lost Ark into early 2022.

Lost Ark's Latest Combat Trailer Shows Off New Class: The Sorceress

On August 11th, a new class hit the Korean version of Lost Ark. The Sorceress is now available to play for Smilegates' popular ARPG. The Sorceress has powerful elemental abilities that are used specifically to destroy swaths of powerful enemies.

Lost Ark Details Its Advanced Variants Of The Assassin Class In New Dev Blog

Lost Ark fans have more to sink their teeth into whilst awaiting this fall's release here in the West, as Smilegate and Amazon are breaking down the ARPG's Assassin advanced classes today.

Lost Ark Breaks Down What's In Its Founder's Packs For Upcoming Free-to-Play MMOARPG

While Lost Ark is free-to-play, this doesn't mean Amazon and Smilegate won't want players to crack open their wallets and consume. As a result, the developers broke down the different Founder's Packs players can grab for the upcoming MMOARPG when it hits Western shores in the Fall.

Lost Ark Releases a Teaser of New Abrelshud Raid - Hits Korean Servers July 28th

As we all wait patiently for information related to a North American release of Lost Ark, which is slated for sometime in the Fall of 2021, we can still get hyped by watching Smilegate's latest raid teaser trailer.

Lost Ark Releases Astalgia Summer Update Trailer - Summer Roadmap Releases Detailed

During E3, some fantastic news released for fans waiting for Lost Ark in the North America and the EU. Amazon Game Studios will be bringing Smilegates ARPG MMO westward, this fall. In the meantime, those interested in playing Lost Ark might enjoy the new Astalgia Summer Update trailer, which shows off some of the changes headed to the game during the summer.

Summer Game Fest 2021: Round-Up Of the Biggest Announcements

In case you missed it, E3 kicked off earlier today with Summer Game Fest hosted by Geoff Keighley. As you can imagine, games were announced. Here's a round-up of some of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.

E3 2021: Lost Ark Is Coming Fall 2021 To The West Via Amazon Game Studios

One of the most highly requested games to come to the West, Lost Ark, is confirmed to be coming finally. Players will be able to drop the VPN and play on a client built specifically for the West this fall, with a beta coming this summer. Smilegate's free-to-play MMOARPG is one that many fans have been waiting for, but for the uninitiated, just what is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Reveals The Striker Class For Korean Server

Lost Ark's Smilegate recently revealed its new Striker class, coming to the Korean MMO later this month.

New Classes Are Coming to Lost Ark in 2021

New classes and content are on their way for Lost Ark in early 2021. Here are the details.

Lost Ark - Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG Reach Publishing Agreement, Lost Ark Speculated

On August 19th Amazon announced an exclusive publishing agreement with Smilegate RPG. No details were given about the specific title Smilegate would be developing for Amazon, but recent rumblings have speculated Lost Ark would be the title headed to North America.

Is Lost Ark Coming to the West?

Is Lost Ark heading to the West? Well, according to one YouTuber's speculation and SmileGate's recruitment website, signs are looking potentially positive.

Lost Ark Gets Closed Beta Registration Date for Japan

Lost Ark has finally received a June 25 closed beta registration date for Japan. Here are the details.

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