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Lord of the Rings Online's 'Blood of Azog' Update 30 Released Today, Brings New Raid, Content To Middle-earth

Lord of the Rings Online is gearing up for its Gundabad expansion slated for later this year, though the team has been hard at work with content in the meantime. Update 30, titled "Blood of Azog" has released today, bringing the continuation of the current epic questline, as well as a new raid.

LotRO's Next 12-Player Raid, Fall of Khazad-dûm, Begins Testing This Week

The Lord of the Rings Online's Bullroarer server has been spun up to start testing Update 30, and with it the next raid in the MMORPG. This 12-player raid, called Fall of Khazad-dûm is slated be tested this week, with the first test happening today.

Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates 14 Years With Anniversary Celebrations, Adds Adventures Of Bilbo Baggins

It's been a busy weekend for Lord of the Rings-themed MMORPGS. The Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating its 14th Anniversary with Anniversary celebrations, as well as releasing Update 29.5, its Further Adventures content to both the Live and Legendary servers.

Looks Like The Lord of the Rings Online's Wildwood Update Is 'On Target' To Release Next Week

It looks like The Lord of the Rings Online is on track to see a new zone hit the MMO next week, as the upcoming Update 29, also known as Wildwood, is "on track" to release next week.

LOTRO Will Be Seeing A New Raid Before Gundabad Expansion, Legendary Item Revamp Coming 'Later This Year'

In a Q&A with LOTRO's executive producer Rob Ciccolini, the developer confirmed there will be a raid coming before the new Gundabad expansion this year with Update 30. Additionally, the developers discussed the Legendary Item revamp, stating it's coming "later this year."

You Can Now Buy LOTRO's Mini-Expansion With LOTRO Points

Previously only available with cold-hard cash through the Standing Stone Games' website, long-time Lord of the Rings Online players who waited until they could spend their LOTRO points can finally pick up the content via the in-game LOTRO store.

MMOSide Chat - How Important Are Cosmetics To You?

Personalizing your avatar is something many people say they love about playing online games. Showing off the new costume or the powerful end-game armor you found are some things Bradford's buddies enjoy doing in their MMO. How about you? How important are cosmetics to you?

The Lord of the Rings Online's Latest Update Breaks Patcher For Those Running On Older Operating Systems

Not everyone has hopped on board with Windows 10, and for those Lord of the Rings Online players still sticking with Windows 7 and older, you may have noticed an issue with your patcher after update 28.3 hit this week. Standing Stone Games has acknowledged the issue and provided some work arounds via the official forums last night.

MMOSide Chat - How Often Do You Do Daily Quests In Your Go-To MMO

How often do you do Daily Quests in your go-to MMO? Do you feel motivated to do them or are they just an annoyance to accomplish?

LOTRO Rep Accelerators Will Now Bind to Character, Will Have Max Usage Level of 100 in Latest Test Server Update

A new update to the Bullroarer test server in Lord of the Rings Online brings changes to the rep accelerators which will now bind to characters once acquired, and will feature a max usage level of 100. The community reacts.

Do You Need A Healthy MMO Economy To Enjoy A Game?

One of the issues that Bradford has with many MMOs, especially older ones, is the economy. Money in those games doesn't seem to matter as much as it should. It's a part of these games that drives down the quality of the experience. However, for some, it might not be a huge deal. How do you feel about MMO economies and how they relate to your enjoyment?

MMOSide Chat - Could A LotRO On Console Even Work?

From the ashes of last week's sale of Daybreak Game Company to EG7 for $300 million, we learned quite a few things from the company now that the information was made public. One tidbit caught Bradford's eye: updating The Lord of the Rings for PCs and "nextgen consoles." Bradford takes a look at whether he thinks the MMO could even succeed in its current state on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

LOTRO Update 28.2 Preview Available in Bullroarer Till Tomorrow

If you're looking to check out some monster play balance changes in Lord of the Rings Online, you have till tomorrow to preview Update 28.2 in the Bullroarer test server.

MMORPG Extra-Life 2020 - Come Join The Fun And Help A Worthy Cause

This year, MMORPG is excited to announce we're hosting an Extra Life stream to support the Children's Miracle Network! Join us for 24 hours of gaming fun all meant to highlight a worthy cause! Hosting your own Extra Life stream and need a team? Join ours as well!

LotRO's New Mini-Expansion Is Giving Me Mixed Feelings

The Lord of the Rings Online's self-styled "mini-expansion" has definitely been controversial, so much so that it's giving Bradford, our resident LOTRO expert, mixed feelings. Is it truly something that should be called a "mini-expansion"or does it feel like a cash grab from what many feel is an inattentive studio?