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The First Descendant's Beta Is Set For October, Gets Trailer Treatment Ahead Of Gamescom

Nexon's upcoming co-op shooter, The First Descendant, announced its beta testing dates, officially coming in October. The announcement this morning came alongside the promised full trailer ahead of Gamescom 2022.

Nexon's Co-Op RPG Shooter, The First Descendant, Gets A New Trailer, Beta Sign Ups Now Available

Nexon's upcoming co-op action RPG shooter, The First Descendant, got a new trailer this week, teasing some new gameplay. While the dev team is promising more at Gamescom this year, the trailer shows the shooter in action.

Co-op Shooter From Nexon, The First Descendant, Opens Up Testing Pre-Registrations

Nexon's next major co-op title, The First Descendant, has got a Steam page and is opening up registrations for upcoming tests in the fall. The cooperative action RPG shooter from Nexon will be free-to-play and is powered by Unreal Engine 5.

TennoCon 2021: Warframe Shows Gameplay Of Next Expansion, Talks Cross Save & Cross Play As Well As Announces Mobile Version In Development

During today's TennoCon, Digital Extremes announced quite a few new initiatives for their looter shooter, Warframe. The New War, the upcoming story-driven expansion to the online shooter, will be releasing later this year, and with the trailer players got a first look at the gameplay during today's stream.

Destiny 2's Cross Play Is Being Officially Tested Next Week

When Season of the Splicer went online last week, some players noticed cross-play also was turned on for Destiny 2. While this was a mistake according to Bungie, it looks like players didn't have to wait long to officially check out the feature, as the dev team have announced it will be tested next week.