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Leaked Documents Show EA Funneled FIFA Players to Buy More Loot Boxes, EA Responds

EA is once again back in the news after some leaked internal documents indicating the publisher planned to "funnel" FIFA players towards the Ultimate Teams mode. This mode then allows you to buy loot boxes.

Report Shows a Link Between Loot Boxes and 'Problem Gambling Behaviors'

Arguably, one of the most contentious topics in gaming recently is loot boxes. With Star Wars Battlefront II propelling the mechanic to the global political stage, it's not difficult to understand why. A recent report found a link between loot boxes and problem gambling behaviors.

Outriders Demo Update 'Fixes' - Then Backtracks on Loot Drop Changes

Outriders has been quite popular since the demo for the game released late last month. People Can Fly updated the demo, pushing out some changes, one of which included a controversial loot drop change, that the community was not so happy with.

Canadian Lawsuit Over Loot Boxes Say EA 'Operated an Unlicensed, Illegal Gaming System'

EA is back in the news for the reasons you might expect. Loot boxes. Yup.

Loot Box Changes are Coming to TERA

Loot box changes are set to arrive soon in TERA. Here's the lowdown.

OPINION: ESRB's 'Includes Random ltems' Label Solves Nothing

Earlier this week, the ESRB introduced a new label as part of its rating system, called "Includes Random Items." This label is meant to account for in-game purchases constituting a random nature, such as card packs, gacha games, and yes, loot boxes. In truth, this label is merely a weak Band-Aid and does nothing to address root cause. It solves nothing.

ESRB Introduces 'Includes Random Items' Label

The ESRB has introduced a new label on its rating system which is meant to account for in-game purchases.