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RuneScape's Login Lockout 5 Weeks Later - With Most Accounts Restored, Jagex Talks Prevention and Compensation

If you aren't familiar with the Login Lockout problem that has been a thorn in the side of RuneScape for over a month, here's your chance to get all caught up. The initial restoration of accounts in RuneScape is coming to a close, but there is more work to do. With this issue finally heading to a close, the developers look back briefly on where the problem began, and what Jagex plans to do to prevent it in the future.

RuneScape Plans an Invite-Only Approach to Login/Lockout Issue Starting March 23rd

It's been nearly two weeks since Jagex confirmed, and addressed, that there has been a widespread Login/Lockout problem in RuneScape, preventing players from getting into their account. To combat these issues, the team at Jagex has put together a game plan, which started with disabling some accounts while they gather analytics that will help them restore all accounts to their rightful, working order.

RuneScape Continuing Disabling Log In for Impacted Accounts Today as Part of Restoration Phase Prep

The saga of Runescape's login issues continue, though with hope in sight. The team provided an update on what to expect today.

RuneScape Takes First Steps in Login Lockout Restoration and Details the Restoration Phase

Over the past week, the team at Jagex has been diligently working towards restoring RuneScape accounts that are unable to login to the game. Executive Producer Ryan Ward addressed the community late last week, and let them know that restoration has begun.

CEO Addresses Login Issue for RuneScape 'Everyone at Jagex is Taking This Incredibly Seriously'

The ongoing login lockout problem that RuneScape has been dealing with warranted a live stream earlier today, where a number of JMods, that included the Executive Producer Ryan Ward, Community Manager Liam Ashley, and CEO Philip Mansell, addressed the communities' concerns.

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