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Overwatch Removes Phone Requirement From Some Accounts, Working On Server Stability After DDoS

Overwatch 2 has had a rough go the last few days since launch, that's for certain. The team at Blizzard released an update to the fans late last night detailing ways they are ensuring players can get into the hero shooter.

RuneScape Plans Next Update For March 29th With Compensation For Those Affected By Account Issues

RuneScape fans have had a rough few weeks, and while many are still unable to access their accounts, Jagex is planning on releasing its next update on March 29th with plans to compensate those who cannot log in still at the time.

RuneScape Continuing Disabling Log In for Impacted Accounts Today as Part of Restoration Phase Prep

The saga of Runescape's login issues continue, though with hope in sight. The team provided an update on what to expect today.

RuneScape Will Disable Select Accounts Today As Next Phase to Restore Access

The RuneScape team are preparing to disable select accounts today as part of their next phase to restore access to the game.

RuneScape Provides Update on Server Login Issues

It looks like RuneScape server login issues have persisted with the team providing an update on the matter.

RuneScape Login Issues Press On - Team Assures Players 'No Accounts Have Been Lost'

RuneScape has been having ongoing login issues since March 4th, and while the team initially believe that they had squashed the problem, new problems have surfaced, worrying players about their accounts.

RuneScape Login Issues Have Been Fixed

If you were trying to play RuneScape yesterday and kept receiving errors, you might want to try again as the issue seems to have been fixed.