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Crowfall's Character Specialization System Gets Revamped for Greater Variability

The player specialization system for Crowfall is getting enhanced as was revealed in a live stream earlier featuring Creative Director J. Todd Coleman.

Ashes of Creation Previews Aquatic Mounts and More in Live Stream

Ashes of Creation held a live stream earlier today where they showed off aquatic mounts in their pre-alpha, plus answering questions in a Q&A session.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Scheduled for September 30

Attention, an Ashes of Creation live stream is scheduled for September 30 at 11a PDT as the team is set to give us a sneak peak of the latest updates.

Celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Guild Wars 2 on August 25

Eight years of Guld Wars 2 is coming up on August 25, and ArenaNet has planned a live stream for this milestone event.

Ashes of Creation Shares Sneak Peak of Crafted Armor Set

The Ashes of Creation team shared a quick sneak peak at some crafted leather armor earlier today.

Here's How Star Citizen's FPS Weapons Are Created

In an hour-long video, the Star Citizen team showed off how they create the FPS weapons for the persistent universe and Squadron 42.

Ashes of Creation Team Is Hiring For Several Positions

The team behind Ashes of Creation, Intrepid Studios, is hiring for some key positions. Do you fit the bill?

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Showed Pre-Alpha Footage of Gathering, Dungeon Fly Through, More

Yesterday's Ashes of Creation live stream provided an update on development, including some pre-alpha footage of gathering, in addition to a dungeon fly through.

Ashes of Creation Development Update Stream July 31

Ashes of Creation's team will hold a live stream on Friday, July 31 at 11a PDT. Here are additional details.

Dual Universe July 23 Live Stream Will Address Beta Pricing Model

The Dual Universe team will host a live stream on July 23 (tomorrow) where they'll cover off several topics, including beta pricing.

Star Trek Online All-Day 'Day of Honor' Stream Scheduled for July 11

A "Day of Honor" is scheduled for July 11 at 3:15p PT for Star Trek Online.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Live Stream Coming July 8

World of Warcraft will have a livestream on July 8 at 9:00am PDT, 12:00pm PDT, to share more details about the upcoming Shadowlands expansion.

Ashes of Creation Accepting Questions Ahead of June 26 Live Stream

The Ashes of Creation team is accepting questions ahead of their live stream scheduled for June 26.

Baldur's Gate 3 Stream Shows off Combat and More

In case you missed it, Larian Studios showed off almost an hour and half of Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay.

CCP Dives Into the Tech Behind EVE Online

In case you missed it, a recent EVE Online live stream looked at the tech behind the game.