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Developers Wary of Live Service Sustainability Per Recent Industry Survey

A recent survey showcases how developers really feed about the sustainability factor for larger live-service games. 

60% of All Playtime Went to Games Six Years Old or Older in 2023

60% of all playtime in 2023 went to games six years old or older and five games, including Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends, Minecraft, and GTA V represented 27% of all playtime in 2023.

Warner Bros. 'Doubling Down' on Core IP, Live Service in 'Volatile' Console Market, Multiversus May Be Returning

Warner Bros. sees growth potential in gaming, and in particular, to build layered experiences, including live service, virtual world experiences. Meanwhile, Multiversus shows some life.

'Should Everything be a Live Game?' Scott Hartsman Weighs in On When Devs Should Reconsider

Scott Hartsman has some thoughts on the prevalence of live-service games in a new blog that asks the question - "Should Everything be a Live Game?".

Raph Koster's Insights: The Future of Gaming, Soaring Budgets, and the Role of AI

Raph Koster participated in a recent discussion with Edge Magazine on the use of AI in gaming, and a look towards the future. Among the major issues discussed are soaring budgets, live-service and narrative titles, innovation, and the ways all of these might impact what we'll see in the years ahead.

Sony Has Delayed Half Of Its Line Up Of Upcoming Live Service Games

Sony, who announced plans to create twelve new live service games by the end of its FY2025, has now delayed half of them, according to the company's latest earnings call.