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10 Mobile MMORPGs To Dive Into On The Go In 2023

The mobile gaming industry has a bit of a reputation-and sure, games like Candy Crush Saga do exist-but outside of the gacha and match-3 apps there are some pretty robust MMOs that are looking for new players. You might want to scoff at the prospect of a "mobile MMO," but give these games a try; we suspect you'll change your mind.

Netmarble Reported Higher Revenue, Operating Profit, and Net Profit Over FY 2020

You want more financial earnings reports? Well, we've got them. Today, we've got Netmarble earnings data to serve up for you. Netmarble, publisher of Lineage 2: Revolution, Blade & Soul Revolution, and more, shared their earnings for Q1 2021. Here's how they fared.

Lineage 2 Revolution Receives Limited-Time Regions in Onmyoji Update

The latest update for Lineage 2 Revolution has introduced limited-time regions. This update, called the Onmyoji Update, also brings new in-game activities, event rewards, and event dungeons.

Lineage 2: Revolution Receives New Territory in Update

There's a new territory available in Lineage 2: Revolution as part of the latest update to the game.

Lineage 2: Revolution Update Allows You to Diversify Your Main Professions

The latest update for Lineage 2: Revolution will allow you to diversify your main professions in your quest to become the ultimate crafter.

Lineage 2: Revolution Expansion Pack 'Anthara's Rage' Available

The first expansion pack for Lineage 2 Revolution, called Anthara's Rage, is available now.

Clan Wars Invade Lineage 2: Revolution in Latest Update

Clan Wars have arrived in Lineage II: Revolution's latest August update.

Lineage 2 Receives New Territory in Latest Update

The latest update to Lineage 2: Revolution adds a new territory, new modes, and additional improvements for all.

Lineage 2: Revolution Receives Battle Mastery Update

Lineage 2: Revolution has received a Battle Mastery system in its latest update.

Lineage 2: Revolution Spring Update Now Available

Lineage 2: Revolution has made available a spring-themed update available to all.