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AFK Journey Responds to Backlash with Apology, Explanation and More Rewards

Lilith games has released a statement that explained some of the changes they've made and also promised some boosted rewards.

AFK Journey Players in Uproar Over New Season Nerfs

Lilith Games' latest update to AFK Journey has caused some tremendous backlash from players after a series of nerfs have devalued many characters and disincentivized rewards.

AFK Journey's First Seasonal Update: A Closer Look at Song of Strife and Its New Heroes

AFK Journey has just released their major update Song of Strife. Should you get hyped for the new content and new characters? Check out our preview to find out what's new.

From Casual to Whale: 5 Key Lessons from Spending in AFK Journey

If you're a fan of hero collectors like AFK Journey and you're looking to spend, here's some insights into what happens when you pay your way to the top.

AFK Journey Review: Heroes, Guilds, and Gacha - Should You Invest Your Time?

Millions of players have hopped in between the PC and mobile version to get in on the ground floor of the next big gacha hero collector. Should you join them?

AFK Journey Impressions - A New Idle Obsession on the Rise with a Big Catch | PAX East

AFK Journey has been rising in popularity since its launch March 27th. After a visit with Lillith games at PAX, and some extensive post-launch play, here's our early impressions.