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Black Desert Online: PvE Grinding - Season to Mid Game, What, Where, and Why?

Now that you've chosen a class, you're probably wondering where you should go now? In our latest Black Desert Guide, Anthony will help you along your PvE grinding path.

MMOSide Chat - How Do You Measure Your Progress In An MMO?

In the vast majority of MMOs - and RPGs for that matter - level is the one constant that tells you you're getting stronger. The arbitrary number tied to the quality of gear you can wear, weapons you an weild or skills you can use is typically a catch-all for showing progress. But is that how each of us personally tracks it on our own?

World of Warcraft: How To Speed Up Your Leveling In Shadowlands

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands quickly approaching, players are growing eager. Last Tuesday, players were finally given new story content to play as the Death's Rising expansion has begun. In thi guide, Chris will help you speed up the process of getting to 50 to start your adventure in the Shadowlands come November 23rd.