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FFXIV Job Actions Trailer Released During Letter from the Producer Live - Job Actions Detailed

During the Letter from the Producer Live livestream, Naoki Yoshida and the team at Square Enix presented the upcoming changes to Job Actions. While the Job Actions trailer itself only shows off some of the new abilities visually, Yoshida was able to explain them in detail on the stream.

Next FF14 Letter From The Producer LIVE Set For September 17th

The next Letter from the Producer LIVE stream is coming this month, with Square Enix announcing that it will be held on September 17th at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. The stream itself will cover battle-related updates, job adjustments and more as it relates to the upcoming expansion, Endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14's Patch 5.55, Official PS5 Launch On May 25th

It was a very busy weekend if you are a Final Fantasy XIV fan, with the Digital FanFest taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. While we now know the official launch date for Endwalker, there is a lot of time between now and November 23rd. Thankfully, Square Enix announced the dates players can dive into the continuing story of FFXIV: May 25th.

Final Fantasy 14's Next Producer's Letter Will Be Coming During May's Digital Fan Festival

As Final Fantasy 14 is prepping for its next patch, Death Unto Dawn, to release tomorrow, the team is already looking ahead to next month. The FFXIV team announced today the timing for their next Letter from the Producer LIVE, which will be taking place during its upcoming Digital Fan Festival in May.

Final Fantasy XIV Has Hit 22 Million Registered Users, Releases New Trailer For 5.5 Death Unto Dawn Update

Final Fantasy 14 has announced the long-standing MMO has hit the 22 million registered users milestone as the team released a trailer for the upcoming 5.5 patch coming April 13th.

Final Fantasy XIV's Digest Details the Latest Letter from the Producer Live

In the Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Digest, patch 5.5 was just one of the major topics of discussion. The presentation from February 5th started off talking about the Endwalker reveal, but quickly transitioned into information regarding patch 5.5 and the new content players will experience.