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Indie MMO Spotlight - Monthly Dev Updates and a VR Game Of The Year Finalist

Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don't have to. This week, Zenith is up for an award, Book of Travels gets a new roadmap, and several devs put out their monthly updates. 

Legends of Aria Drops Free to Play Version and Plans Only a 'Play and Earn' Model

Free to play is no longer planned for Legends of Aria, which dropped plans to have both web3 and F2P versions, but will now have a single-shard 'play and earn' model.

Legends Of Aria Is Delisting From Steam At The End Of June

Legends of Aria, the MMO-turned-pay-to-earn blockchain game, has announced it will be delisting from Steam at the end of this month as they start to prep for its relaunch as a crypto title.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Happy Mother's Day

Each week, we scour the internet for all things indie MMO-related so you don't have to. This week, we want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the gaming moms out there. And if you aren't a gaming mom, what the heck are you doing reading this instead of spending time with your mother? You can read this tomorrow!

Legends of Aria to Relaunch, Renaming Current Version to 'Classic' and Opening Closed Beta Next Week

Legends of Aria will rebrand its current version as Classic, while relaunching in a new format, with new features, and a closed beta beginning next week.

UPDATED: Legends Of Aria Will Transition to Be 'Play to Earn', With a Free to Play Option, ARIA Tokens and NFTs

Legends Of Aria will be moving towards a play to earn model, but will have a free option too. There will be tokens, NFTs, and more options.

Legends of Aria Dev Citadel Studios Acquired By Blue Monster With Plans to Add NFTs as Part of Metaverse

Citadel Studios, developer of Legends of Aria, has entered a deal to be acquired by NFT games company Blue Monster. The new Blue Monster plans to add NFTs and tokens to LoA as part of an overall "metaversification" of its IPs.

Legends Of Aria Postpones Point Release 11 Indefinitely, Cites Decrease In Team Size As Cause

Legends of Aria posted its first development update since December of 2020, cluing fans into what is going on a bit behind the scenes at developer Citadel Studios. The big news? Point Release 11 has been postponed indefinitely, with CS citing loss of "key" members of the MMO's development team.

Legends of Aria Details Season 7

The Legends of Aria team have detailed what you can expect in Season 7 and more.

Legends of Aria Provides Outlands Development Update: Part Two

Legends of Aria has provided an update on the Outlands, but part two this time, as part of point release 11.

Legends of Aria Devs Working on 'The End' Viking-Themed Dark Fantasy Survival RPG

Citadel Studios, the team behind Legends of Aria, are reportedly working on a Viking-themed dark fantasy survival RPG called The End.

Legends of Aria Fall Arena Underway

The Fall 2020 Arena Season for Legends of Aria is underway featuring several competitions for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.

The Top Fighters from Legends of Aria's Arena Summer 2020 Have Been Crowned

The Legends of Aria team have shared the top fighters for their Arena Summer 2020 winners.

Legends of Aria Season 6: Toil and Trouble Starts Today

Season 6: Toil and Trouble for Legends of Aria is set to release today.

Legends of Aria Kicks Off October With Halloween 2020 Deco Competition

The Halloween Deco Competition for Legends of Aria has arrived challenging your decoration skills.