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The Lord Of The Rings Online's First Legendary Server, Anor, Shuts Down Today

The Lord of the Rings Online is saying goodbye to its first Legendary Server. Anor, which launched as a way for players to re-experience the progression of LotRO throughout the years, is shutting down, and players with characters on the server can transfer to a different server through the end of the year.

The Lord Of The Rings Online Have Opened Up Free Transfers Off Of Legndary Anor Server

The first of the legendary servers, Anor, is closing at the end of the month and players are able to start the process of moving their legendary characters off the server onto new homes.

LotRO's Shadowfax And Treebeard Servers Get New Level Caps Today As Expansions Hit Progression Servers

Today is expansion day - at least if you're playing on one of the two (or both - we don't judge!) Legendary Servers from The Lord of the Rings Online. The faster Shadowfax server is seeing a new level cap of 70, while the slower, more deliberate Treebeard is entering the Mines of Moria.

Shadowfax Has Reached Moria As LotRO's First Expansion Hits Legendary Server This Week

Shadowfax has raced to the Moria, as the first expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online is hitting the fast-progression Legendary server this week. This will also bring a bump in level cap to 60 on the new progression server which launched only two months ago.

LotRO's Legendary Server Anor Getting A Level Cap Increase Tomorrow

The Lord of the Rings Online's legendary progression server Anor is getting a level cap increase with tomorrow's patch, according to Standing Stone Games. The cap increase covers the Mordor expansion as well as the Legacy of the Necromancer quest pack on the progression server, putting it one step closer to being on content parity with the rest of the game servers.

LOTRO's New Legendary Progression Servers Launching On June 30th

The Lord of the Rings Online has been talking about servers a lot lately, from the idea of a true classic server to the new legendary servers announced a few weeks back. Now we have a firm date as to when players can expect to see the new servers hit: June 30th.

Lord of the Rings Online Is Closing Ithil, One Of Its Legendary Servers, On June 15th

The Lord of the Rings Online is closing one of its Legendary Servers, Ithil, on June 15th, Standing Stone Games announced today. Characters will be able to be transferred to any server they wish, including the other Legendary Server, Anor, for free until December 31st.