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LOTRO Producer Raninia Talks When We Can Expect Legendary Items in Bullroarer

In a recent community live stream, the Lord of the Rings Online Producer Oleg "Raninia" Brodskiy shared more details on legendary items' long-awaited arrival, and more.

LotRO Producer Talks Extensively About Legendary Item Revamp, Calling The New System Much 'Simpler' In New Interview

In a new interview, Lord of the Rings Online producer Oleg "Raninia" Brodskiy detailed a bit more of the approach being taken by Standing Stone Games towards revamping its Legendary Items. Additionally, in the more than hour-long interview, Raninia also touches again on monetization and more.

LOTRO's Latest Patch Brings Tweaks To Legendary Item Grind And Players Are Not Happy About The Changes

Patch 28.3.1 hit The Lord of the Rings Online today, and with it came changes to the much-maligned changes to legendary items, including tweaks to scrolls of empowerment. As a result of the changes, players have started to express their displeasure at the tweaks, especially as it increases the grind needed to level legendary items in the MMO.

You Can Now Craft Legendaries at Multiple Item Levels in the WoW Shadowlands Beta

You can now craft Legendaries at multiple item levels in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta.