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Lord of the Rings Online Patch Fixes Traceries Leveling Bug

The legendary item revamp long awaited in The Lord of the Rings Online hit last week, but not without its issues. One of those, a bug that allowed players to spend more money in order to level traceries past the cap, thankfully has been fixed.

Breaking Down LotRO's Legendary Item Revamp

The long, long awaited Legendary item revamp is finally coming to the Lord of the Rings Online. But how does the new system work? Check out our impressions from the preview server late last week!

Brawler And Legendary Item Revamp Coming To LotRO Preview Server This Week

If you've been eager to finally see what the team at Standing Stone Games had in store for both its first new class in years as well as the much anticipated legendary item revamp, this is a good week to be a Lord of the Rings Online player then. Both will be available to check out starting Wednesday on the Bullroarer test server this week.