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League of Legends 14.1 Patch Only Buffs One Champion

Season 14 in League of Legends has arrived, and though players expected a few changes, the developers appear to only be buffing one Champion in this "major" patch. 

PAX EAST: The Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story Hands-On Preview: Another Great Look At LoL Lore

Few things have made Jason happier in video games the last few years than Riot Games's decision to expand the lore of League Of Legends into other genres. More than a decade's worth of lore and worldbuilding is ripe for the picking, so I imagine Riot and the developers they choose to work with will not be at a loss for ideas. 2021's Ruined King got the ball rolling thanks to Airship Syndicate's turn-based RPG prowess, and now Digital Sun gets a turn with Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story.

League Of Legends Season 2023 Kicks Off Today. Here's All Of The Major Changes

Riot Games' ever-growing MOBA League Of Legends begins Season 2023 today, which will bring new rewards, new champions - along with some new looks at some old faces - and much more. At a recent preview event, we sat in as members of Riot's LoL team ran down everything coming to the game this year. 

League of Legends Preseason 2023 Patch Marks Return Of Chemtech Drake, Brings Major Jungle Changes

Riot Games has revealed the changes coming to League of Legenda through the Preseason 2023 patch, which will herald the return of a flying monster to the Rift as well as big changes to the jungles themselves. 

What Will the Riot Games MMO's Game World Look Like?

Riot's MMO has an in-depth universe to pull from, one that rivals even Azeroth and the surrounding realms from World of Warcraft. Here's a primer on what the Riot MMO's world just might look like.

Riot Games Is Hosting A 10-Week Long, Multi-Game Event Centered On The Star Guardians

Riot Games is leveraging its mega-popular IP to host a 10-week long event across three of its titles featuring its in-universe magicl girl anime tribute. The event will feature a host of new skins, a narrative experience, and the release of a new copyright-free album for streamers.

Amazon's Ultimate Crown League of Legends Event Made Vegas Shine Even Brighter This Weekend

As someone who grew up in Las Vegas, Bradford was reminded why this city - and the events it can hold - can truly be special. With Amazon's Ultimate Crown event pitting MrBeast and Ninja together, Bradford looks at the event as well as how it reminds him how incredible in-person events can end up being.

Amazon Is Hosting A League Of Legends Tournament In Las Vegas Next Month For Prime Day

Amazon is celebrating Prime Day next month in a rather big way, as the company is putting on a headliner in Las Vegas: The Ultimate Crown tournament will see two celebrity heavyweights, MrBeast and Ninja, go head to head at the HyperX Arena in a League of Legends tournament.

Riot MMO's Executive Producer Hints At Group-Play Focus In Upcoming MMO

Riot's upcoming MMO set in the League of Legends universe is still under tight wraps, though the executive producer on the title, Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street has pulled the veil back a bit this past weekend. When asked about the approach to group content in the upcoming MMO, Street discussed their philosophy behind this for the upcoming MMO.

League of Legends' Jinx Joins Fortnite As Riot Brings Its Games To Epic Games Store

Jinx, one of the most iconic champions from Riot's League of Legends, has made her way into Fortnite thanks to a new collaboration with Epic Games. Riot is also celebrating the release of its upcoming animated series Arcane by releasing multiple titles on the Epic Games Store, including the insanely popular League of Legends proper as well as a few others.

Witcher 3's Quest Design Lead Is Now Working On Riot's Upcoming MMO

Riot's upcoming MMO just got an experienced developer to join their team, as Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz announced via Twitter he would be setting up shop working on the anticipated MMO.

Why Asymmetry In MMO Design Can Be A Beautiful thing

Niklas breaks down MMO game design, specifically why the asymmetry of how some MMOs are built can be, in the end, a very beautiful thing.

League of Legends: Wild Rift NA Open Beta Launches March 29 on iOS and Android

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the League of Legends mobile game announced last year, is set to launch its open beta on March 29.

Riot Sets Up a Hiring Portal for their Upcoming MMORPG

League of Legends developer Riot Games posted a recruitment portal earlier this week, as they look for experienced MMO developers to make the world of Runeterra come alive.

League of Legends Starts Season 11, Shows Off Plans for 2021

With Riot Games starting their latest season of League of Legends, the company announced a variety of new updates to their other League-oriented properties.