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Canadian Lawsuit Over Loot Boxes Say EA 'Operated an Unlicensed, Illegal Gaming System'

EA is back in the news for the reasons you might expect. Loot boxes. Yup.

SoulBound Studios Letter in Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit: 'Changing Direction Following a Business Reevaluation is Not Illegal.'

The ongoing lawsuit regarding the sudden shut down of Chronicles of Elyria received some additional information today in the form of letters from the laywers of Soulbound Studios and Xsolla.

Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit's Lawyer Receives Update

After some time of relatively no public updates, the ongoing lawsuit surrounding Chronicles of Elyria has an update, albeit brief.

Pre-Litigation Papers Have Been Filed in the Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit

The ongoing saga that is the lawsuit against Xsolla and SoulBound Studios over the abrupt shut down of Chronicles of Elyria has received an update. Here are the details.

Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Finds Lawyer

It looks like the saga of the lawsuit stemming from Chronicles of Elyria has finally found a lawyer.

Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Provides Lengthy Update of Status

In a lengthy update on the official Discord, the class action lawsuit for Chronicles of Elyria claims that Xsolla are not honoring refund requests.

Chronicles of Elyria Class Action Group Receives Response from Washington Attorney General

Remember Chronicles of Elyria? Backers of the game had contacted the Washington Attorney General for potential action. It looks like there's an update.

Crytek and Cloud Imperium Games Come to Agreement in Lawsuit

Remember that lawsuit between Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium Games and Crytek? Well it appears to have been settled.