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Overwatch 2 Still Facing Long Queues, Requires Phone To Play While Excluding Prepaid Numbers

Overwatch 2 is still facing long queues after its free-to-play launch was hit with massive server queues as well as a launch-day DDoS attack. While those issues are still being worked out, those lucky enough to play are being hit with another wall: the requirement to connect your phone with Blizzard's SMS two-factor authorization.

Amazon's New World Launch Woes Were Bound To Happen, But This Time Felt Different

Amazon powers much of the internet thanks to its Amazon Web Services offering, which is why it seemed like a surprise its MMO, New World, launched with such widespread server issues. Brradford explores why he felt that this launch felt different than other day one MMO woes.

Looks Like Outriders Is Suffering From LogIn Issues On Launch Day

Outriders launched today across myriad devices, and it hasn't been without issues. Like most always online games, login issues as well as other online matchmaking issues have plagued an otherwise impressive launch for the new IP.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Officially Live, Log In Issues Abound

If you weren't logged into World of Warcraft when the content switch was flipped on, you might be waiting for a bit as players are reporting issues trying to get into the recently released World of Warcraft expansion.