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New World Boasts Over 700K Concurrent Players On Steam While Log In Issues Persist Through The Morning

To say New World was highly anticipated is an understatement. Launching this morning, New World has seen the normal MMO launch day woes of long log-in queues and server instability, thanks in part to over 700K players trying to hit Amazon's servers conccurently right now.

New World Launches Today - Are You Playing Amazon's New MMO?

After multiple delays, New World is finally launching today. With so much excitement built up around Amazon's MMO, are you planning on jumping into its supernatural world?

Aion Classic Features Overview

Aion Classic launches today and is available for free to download. We had the opportunity to talk with Leader Producer on Aion for NCSoft West's publishing office, Mike Shreffler, about some of the changes.

Valorant Launches Today, Receives Battlepass

Valorant, Riot Games's competitive 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, has officially launched today after nearly two months in beta and has officially announced the inclusion of a Battlepass.

MMOSide Chat: MMO Releases Really Need To Do Better

Whenever a new MMO releases, there is either applause for a job well done, but more often there are excuses as to why an MMO launches buggy or unplayable out the gate. In this Fireside chat, we discuss why MMO companies need to do better.