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Torchlight III Officially Launches on PC, XBOX One and Playstation 4 Today

Today, Torchlight fans that have been waiting for Torchlight III to officially release will be happy to see the official launch trailer, celebrating the launch on PS4, XBOX One and PC. Nintendo Switch gamers don't have much longer to wait either, as the game will launch on the console on October 22nd.

Baldur's Gate 3 Releases Into Early Access Today at 10AM PT

Today is the day. Baldur's Gate 3 will release at 10AM PT across PC, Stadia, and Mac on Steam and GoG.

Torchlight III Will Officially Launch October 13th on PC and Consoles

Echtra Games announced today that Torchlight III will leave early access and officially launch on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 on October 13th. The game is also slated to release on the Nintendo Switch later on this year.

Torchlight III Getting Closer to a Launch Date

In a recent State of the Game update on Steam, the Torchlight III team has teased how the game is drawing closer to a launch date.

Warframe's Heart of Deimos Launches Today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Hail, Tenno! Warframe's Heart of Deimos launches today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Apex Legends Season 6 Lands August 18, Along with New Legend 'Rampart'

Apex Legends is set to release Season 6, called Boosted, on August 18, in addition to a new Legend called Rampart.

Torchlight III Reflects on Rough Launch, Looks Ahead

The Torchlight III team earlier reflected on the rough launch, giving an update on their first week of Early Access.

Path of Exile: Harvest Launches Today for PC

Path of Exile's Harvest is set to release later today on PC with consoles receiving the expansion next week.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Working with Microsoft to Resolve PC Launch Issues

Phantasy Star Online 2 is now working in collaboration with Microsoft regarding the download and launch issues that have been plagueing it on Windows 10 since it went live earlier this week.

Phantasy Star Online 2 PC NA Launch Marred with Issues

It looks like Phantasy Star Online 2's PC NA launch has not been without issues.

Minecraft Dungeons Launches Today

The spin-off action-adventure dungeon crawler, is available now for Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox GamePass.

Phantasy Star Online 2 PC Preload Begins Tonight, Receives Wedding Event

The hit anime-inspired MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 will be available to pre-install on PC starting tonight, May 26th, at 11:00pm PDT before it's servers open up tomorrow morning at 5:00am PDT after server maintenance.

Valorant Launches June 2

It's official. Valorant is set to launch on June 2. Here are the details shared in the video and accompanying blog.

Crusader Kings III Launching on September 1

It looks like September 1 is the date Crusader Kings III will finally grace our PCs.

Population Zero Addresses Launch Concerns After Rocky Early Access Release

It looks like Population Zero's recent launch has been mired with issues as the team issues a statement outlining upcoming fixes.

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