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Private Servers Now Available for Last Oasis

Through a partnership with Nitrado, private servers are now available for Last Oasis.

Red's Read: Last Oasis - Quality Craftsmanship

Red Thomas digs into crafting for those looking for a more quality experience in Last Oasis. Red talks about quality, the crafting system, and offers some advice on how to ramp up both production and quality in your own crafting efforts.

Last Oasis Pens Post Updating On Status of the Game, Zerging and more

The Last Oasis team has shared a letter with the community outlining what's coming next for the game. Here are the details.

Red's Read: Last Oasis - Interesting Finish

Red Thomas put Last Oasis on his list of games to watch in 2020. With the game in Early Access, Red gives it a go and reports on his thoughts. Have you been in the mood for an interesting survival game? This could be it, but as always there are also a few caveats.

Last Oasis Should Be Playable Again Following Stress Tests Over the Weekend

After a few stress tests this past weekend, Last Oasis appears to be back.

Last Oasis Early Access Suffers Connection Issues

It looks like the survival MMO, Last Oasis, has suffered connection issues in its Early Access debut.

Last Oasis Preview Impressions

Last week, Last Oasis showed off a bit of their nomadic survival game ahead of its Early Access launch on the 26th. Here are our thoughts from our hands-off presentation.

Last Oasis Hits Early Access March 26th

The nomadic MMO survival game from Donkey Crew, Last Oasis, has an early access release date. Announced via a post on Steam this morning, the MMO will be coming to Early Access at the end of the month - March 26th to be exact.