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Last Epoch is Ready to Introduce Legendary Weapons and the First End Game Dungeon December 10th

On December 10th Last Epoch will introduce their latest update deemed the Eternal Legends Update. In Patch 0.8.4, players will be get the change to play the new endgame dungeon, the Temporal Sanctum, where upon completion, they will be able to create their first Legendary item. That isn't all that's headed to the game in the patch, as players will have new skills, character models, items and a revamped crafting system in addition to a whole host of other changes.

Last Epoch's Sands of Majasa 0.8.3 Patch Now Live

Patch 0.8.3 for Last Epoch is now live and brings the Sands of Majasa chapter. Here are the details.

Last Epoch Patch 0.8.2 Brings Updates to Endgame and Monolith of Fate

Patch notes for Last Epoch have dropped, outlined what's all new in this latest beta patch. Changes and additions include updates to endgame in addition to Monolith of Fate.

Last Epoch Update Bringing Arena Improvements

Quality of life improvements and visual improvements are on deck for Last Epoch's Arena in update 0.8.2 Read on for more details.

Last Epoch Update Brings Registration Workaround for Steam Users

If you've been playing Last Epoch, you might have run into some registration frustrations as a Steam player. Fortunately, the team have implemented a workaround for you in addition to some other tips to avoid potential issues.

Last Epoch Hotfix Improves Chat Window, Updates Unique Items

A recent hotfix patch for Last Epoch has brought about some improvements to the chat window, in addition to updating some unique items.

Last Epoch Patch 0.8.2 Will Add New Boss Fights

Patch 0.8.2 for Last Epoch is set to introduce several new boss fights. Here are the details.

Last Epoch Patch 0.8.1c Brings Bug Fixes, Changes to Endurance, More

The latest beta patch 0.8.1c for Last Epoch brings a host of bug fixes, changes to Endurance, and more.

Last Epoch Beta Patch 0.8.1 Now Available - Changes to Affixes and Defenses Detailed

In a recent developer blog by Lead Developer Trasochi, Affixes, Defenses and Minions are going to be changing in 0.8.1. The changes will lead to more effective builds with items that are specific to the players desired focus.

Last Epoch Patch 0.8.1 Brings New Content to Monolith of Fate

Last Epoch is getting new content to Monolith of Fate as part of patch 0.8.1. Here are the details.

Last Epoch Interview Discusses Potential Console Port, Multiplayer, More

Last Epoch Game Director, Judd Cobler, recently discussed potential console ports, multiplayer, and more in an interview with SegmentNext.

Last Epoch Updates Character Selection Screen in Patch 0.8.1

Last Epoch is getting an upgrade to the character selection screen as part of patch 0.8.1.

Last Epoch Wants to Start 2021 with 'Significant Itemization' Changes

In a short tweet by Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games, the team posts a couple screenshots depicting some of the itemization changes players can expect in patch 0.8.1.

Last Epoch Game Director Reflects on 2020, Thanks Players for Helping Them Through the Year

Last Epoch Game Director Judd Cobler took to the forums to post a year in review of how far the game has come, and what players can expect to see in 2021. Cobler also thanks the players for their enthusiasm and support, and wants to let everyone know "We could not have made it through this year without you."

Last Epoch Releases a Huge Patch - New Rogue Class, Balancing, and a New Chat System Are Go

Eleventh Hour Games has released two patches this week that have culminated in quite a big step forward in the development of the early access title Last Epoch. Beta Patch 0.8 and Patch 0.8B provide quite a few delectable patch notes that Last Epoch's hack and slash fans will surely gobble up.