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The Lord of the Rings Online's Weatherstock Festival Takes Place This Saturday

Weatherstock is hosting its 14th annual concert atop the Great Watchtower of Amon Sul this weekend in The Lord of the Rings Online. Players across all servers will descend upon the Lone Lands to dance and listen to a multitude of bands rock out atop Weathertop on July 16th.

Weatherstock XIII Takes Place In The Lord Of The Rings Online This Saturday

Weatherstock XIII, the annual player concert series hosted on the Landroval server, comes back to The Lord of the Rings Online tomorrow, July 17th. The concert will feature 20 different player-made bands performing at the top of Weathertop in the Lone Lands for all to hear.

LOTRO's Weatherstock Festival Starts Today, Schedule Live

Weatherstock XII is set to begin today in Lord of the Rings Online on Landroval. Fortunately, we have a schedule handy.