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Path of Exile is Nerfing A Wide Range of Archnemesis Defensive Modifiers for Balance Reasons

The Path of Exile team is making some notable changes to defensive Archnemesis Modifiers and nerfing them to bring things into a better balance and still preserve the defensive modifiers in the game. 

Path of Exile Invites You to The Mysterious Lake of Kalandra Today

Lake of Kalandra is welcoming Path of Exile PC players today, with new gems, new mechanics, and the new Atlas Memories mechanic that lets you play through an NPC's past.

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra - Previewing The Upcoming Expansion And Chatting With GGG's Chris Wilson

Earlier this week Grinding Gears Games invited the press to have an early look at the new Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra August expansion. While Kevin was prepared to hear the key details about the Kalandra Challenge League, it ended up covering a lot more than he expected.