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Following Unity Fee Controversy, Kingdoms of Elyria May Need Another Pivot

Following a recent update signaling a possible path to alpha, Chronicles of Elyria / Kingdoms of Elyria may have to change course following recent Unity fee announcements.

Chronicles of Elyria Outlines Expenses in Latest 'Developer Journal'

In the latest journal by Soulbound Studios owner Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh, the financial numbers have been detailed in what appears to be a lengthy list of expenses.

Opinion: Lawsuits Be Damned, Chronicles of Elyria is a Farce and Must End Now | MMOWTF

The money has been spent, the game is veritably nonexistent, and yet, the developer still has the audacity to talk about the future, after fleecing so many over a promise that will never materialize. Chronicles of Elyria, Kingdoms of Elyria, and projects like it must end now!

Court Rules Lawsuit Against Soulbound Studios Must Conclude Before Taking the Fight to Xsolla

In the latest update from the Class Action for Chronicles of Elyria Discord, the court has ruled that in order to get to Xsolla, the payment processor that took payments outside of the Kickstarter Campaign, and refused to provide refunds, the Soulbound Studios class action lawsuit must first conclude.

Chronicles of Elyria Class-Action Lawsuit Transferred to Western District of Washington

In a recent development, it seems the current class-action lawsuit against Chronicles of Elyria developer SoulBound Studios has been transferred to the Western District of Washington.

Chronicles of Elyria Changes Its Alpha NDA, Talks Blockchain And NFTs In Latest Update

Chronicles of Elyria's back in the news this week after an update posted to its website details changes being made to its Alpha NDA, as well as talks about NFTs within Elyria.

Kingdoms Of Elyria Sim Finally Gets An Alpha Date, Coming July 6th

After delays that saw the launch of the alpha miss its end of May release, we finally know when the Kingdoms of Elyria alpha will be starting. Chronicles of Elyria developer Jeromy "Caspien" Walsh, the upcoming alpha will finally release next week on July 6th.

Chronicles of Elyria Developers Show Off Kingdoms of Elyria Footage; Lawsuit Group Posts Court Challenge Documents

Chronicles of Elyria developer Soulbound Studios is finally back with its Inside Chronicles of Elyria video series, this time showing off Alpha gameplay of the upcoming Kingdoms of Elyria. The alpha, which was supposed to start by the end of May but was delayed due to issues, will see players dive into the kingdom sim for the first time since SBS announced it earlier this year.

Soulbound Studios Plans to Provide a 'Firmer Timescale' for Kingdoms of Elyria Alpha in Near Future

For those waiting for their Kingdoms of Elyria Alpha Invites that were originally planned to hit sometime at the end of May, you may be waiting a couple more weeks in the least. In the latest Chronicles of Elyria blog, CEO of Soulbound Studios, Jeromy Walsh, details the reason for the delay, and looks back at Milestone 2A.

Chronicles Of Elyria's Kingdoms of Elyria Alpha Delayed, Update Coming 'Later This Week'

Chronicles of Elyria's standalone sim Kingdoms of Elyria was supposed to launch its first alpha by the end of May. However, it wasn't released to backers as the month came and went.

Kingdoms of Elyria Previews Milestone 2 - But Fails to Convince 'Chronicles' Community

In the latest Chronicles of Elyria blog post from Soulbound Studios' CEO Jeromy Walsh (Caspian), some core features of Kingdoms of Elyria were touched on as part of a "preview" of Milestone 2. The post dives into very specific characteristics of Kingdom of Elyria's contracts and NPC personalities systems, which Soulbound Studios plans to implement over the next couple months.

Chronicles of Elyria Blog Post Looks Back on Milestone 1

In case you missed it, Chronicles of Elyria published a blog post recently taking a look back on Milestone 1 of development. This included things they were able to achieve, and what needs to get pushed to later milestones.

Chronicles of Elyria Talks Resource Gathering Philosophy On Its Developer Blog

Taking to the Chronicles of Elyria blog, Soulbound Studios' Jeromy Walsh talked a bit about how its resource and gathering mechanics will work in its upcoming sim, Kingdoms of Elyria.

Chronicles of Elyria Devs Talks Gathering, Player Character And More In Kingdoms of Elyria In Latest Video

This month's Inside Chronicles of Elyria, Jeromy Walsh, the CEO of Soulbound Studios, talks about its colony sim, Kingdoms of Elyria, and some of what backers can expect as the dev team works on Milestone One of the stand-alone project.

Chronicles of Elyria Actually Posted a Roadmap Depicting Feature Updates Through 2022

In the latest Chronicles of Elyria blog from Soulbound Studio's CEO Jeromy Walsh, a lengthy explanation of the direction of the game was accompanied by a roadmap.