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DreamWorld, The Controversial Kickstarter MMO, Is Launching Into Early Access September 12th

DreamWorld, the Kickstarted MMO that billed itself as the "last game you'll ever play," announced this morning that it is launching into Early Access on September 12th. The MMO is still mired in controversy a year after it was announced, as multiple questions still linger from its botched announcement in March 2021.

Melgeek Mojo84 Review: Bigger, Better, and Just As See Through

Melgeek impressed us last year with its Mojo68 mechanical keyboard, but has gone back to the drawing board for the bigger, better, and even geekier Mojo84. Find out if it's worth backing in our review!

The RPG Files: Rising Spire Is A Fully-Funded Turn-Based RPG Inspired By Final Fantasy

Inspired by the turn-based RPGs that established the genre, Rising Spire is a Final Fantasy-Esque RPG that has been fully funded on Kickstarter as of March 2nd. The four-person studio behind the project is looking towards stretch goals as the project still has 14 days to go on its campaign.

Peacock Audio Flight True Wireless Earbuds Review

Handpainted and high quality, Peacock Audio's Flight earbuds launch to Kickstarter today. They make a statement in more ways than one. Find out how in our review!

Melgeek Mojo68 is a Keyboard You Can See Through (Review)

The Melgeek Mojo68 is a custom keyboard you can buy, ready to use out of the box. Featuring wired and wireless connectivity, a translucent plastic case, a gasket mount design, and more, this is a keyboard you won't want to miss. Find out more in our review!

Epomaker NT68 Wireless Magic Mechanical Keyboard Review

Designed to sit directly on top of your laptop keyboard, is Epomaker's new portable mechanical keyboard worth a buy? Find out in our review.

Pathfinder Online To Shut Down November 28th

Pathfinder Online's developers made the announcement today that the MMO will be coming to a close, sunsetting on November 28th. The MMO, which was Kickstarted for over a million dollars back in 2012, has seen its fair share of struggles over the years. However, Paizo has announced that the game will be coming to a close later this year, though they do state they will be working on a storyline for players to enjoy till the end.

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a Visual Novel JRPG Hybrid Currently on Kickstarter

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a new visual novel RPG just announced on Kickstarter. Here are the details.

Wanderlost, An Action-Adventure Survival RPG Successfully Funds on Kickstarter

If you're a fan of games like Terraria and Stardew Valley then you may be happy to hear that a new game, built in the same pixelated fashion, could be headed your way. Wanderlost is an action-adventure survival RPG developed by Eli Segal, published by Crytivo, and currently 115% over their $35,000 dollar Kickstarter goal.

The Dreamworld Situation Is Looking Like a Mess

Remember Dreamworld? It was the Kickstarter which promised, "the endgame, it's every genre, every game, every style, all wrapped into one." It looks like a lot of things have gone down in the intervening time.

Epomaker AK84 Wireless Mechanical Keboard Review

Epomaker is back again, this time with a 75% layout with the AK84 wireless mechanical keyboard. It features 84-keys, only three short of a standard TKL, but with a compact footprint. Add in bluetooth wireless, full RGB, programmability for gaming, and a CNC-milled top for $69 and you have quite the interesting keyboard. Is it worth a buy? Find out in our review!

DreamWorld, the 'Massive Open World Creative MMO' Successfully Funds Kickstarter Project

A new Kickstarter MMO, DreamWorld has launched and funded in its first 9 hours. The new MMO surprisingly only asked for $10,000.00 to fully fund further development.

Skyclimbers Ends Kickstarter with 1362% of its Original Funding Goal - Pre-Alpha Signups Live

We recently reported about a new game, Skyclimbers, which is an open-world multiplayer RPG with an Alpha planned for PC in Q2 of 2021, and its monumental funding success on Kickstarter. We're happy to report, that the Kickstarter has now completed, and Paratope's final pledge total is $340,721 out of the initial $25,000 it intended to raise to finish the game.

Skyclimbers Breaks 250K on Kickstarter - Adds Stadia and GeForce Now Partnerships

Skyclimbers has been climbing the stretch-goal ranks over the past couple weeks, now breaking through the 250K mark as they head to the finish line with over 1000% of their funding met.

The Wagadu Chronicles Showcases Savannas, Chat Bubbles And More In Kickstarter Update

Afrofantasy MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles took to their Kickstarter to share an update on the MMORPG, showing off savannas, chat bubbles, and more in the update.