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Scars of Honor Kickstarter Launches, With New Details and More on the Upcoming F2P Fantasy MMORPG

Beast Burst has brought Scars of Honor, its upcoming fantasy MMORPG to Kickstarter, launching a campaign to support development and spark more interest from investors.

EVE: War for New Eden Board Game Kickstarter Opens, Hits Over $195k and Growing in a Day

EVE: War for New Eden is a strategy board game adaptation based on EVE Online made by Titan Forge Games under a deal with CCP. The game's Kickstarter launched yesterday with a €50,000 goal (roughly $54,377), hitting over $195,000 as of this writing, and unlocking nearly all the current stretch goals .

Loftia Devs Announce Several Stretch Goals After Kickstarter Campaign Hits $450k

Independent cozy social MMO Loftia has raised over $450k since launching a Kickstarter campaign this month, and the team has revealed five additional features funded through stretch goals.

EVE Online Is Getting A Board Game, Partnering With Titan Forge To Kickstart This Fall

EVE Online is getting a board game, bringing New Eden's Internet Spaceships to the tabletop.

Cozy, Futuristic MMO Loftia Kickstarter Launches, Hits Funding Goal in Two Hours

Independent cozy MMORPG Loftia launched its Kickstarter campaign today, taking about two hours to reach its funding goal. Stretch goals for new features were revealed (with some already met)

Magic to Master Developer Threatened Legal Action Against MMO YouTuber Before Finally Admitting To False Copyright Strike

Magic to Master's developer Laniatus threatened legal action against MMO YouTuber Callum Upton based on a video Upton released about the company's Kickstarter campaign. However, since then Laniatus' Kickstarter has crashed to the ground, which may have been caused by a copyright strike they issued against Upton.

Kickstarter MMO Magic to Master Pulls Fake Testimonial Reviews After Being Caught Using Them; Claims They Were For 'Testing Purposes'

Earlier this morning, Kickstarter MMO Magic to Master was found to be using fake testimonial reviews by many sites on their funding page for the MMO, including a fake review attributed to MMORPG.com.

AI-Powered Game Development Will Streamline Game Creation and Open the Door to Potential Scams | MMOAI

With AI-powered tools and plugins getting more powerful by the day, game development will soon change forever. Steven questions if it will lead to great games or just great scams.

The Kickstarter MMO is Dead | OGR

Are Kickstarter MMORPGs a thing of the past? In this week's One Good Roll Steven concludes that crowdfunding is dead.

DreamWorld, The Controversial Kickstarter MMO, Is Launching Into Early Access September 12th

DreamWorld, the Kickstarted MMO that billed itself as the "last game you'll ever play," announced this morning that it is launching into Early Access on September 12th. The MMO is still mired in controversy a year after it was announced, as multiple questions still linger from its botched announcement in March 2021.

Melgeek Mojo84 Review: Bigger, Better, and Just As See Through

Melgeek impressed us last year with its Mojo68 mechanical keyboard, but has gone back to the drawing board for the bigger, better, and even geekier Mojo84. Find out if it's worth backing in our review!

The RPG Files: Rising Spire Is A Fully-Funded Turn-Based RPG Inspired By Final Fantasy

Inspired by the turn-based RPGs that established the genre, Rising Spire is a Final Fantasy-Esque RPG that has been fully funded on Kickstarter as of March 2nd. The four-person studio behind the project is looking towards stretch goals as the project still has 14 days to go on its campaign.

Peacock Audio Flight True Wireless Earbuds Review

Handpainted and high quality, Peacock Audio's Flight earbuds launch to Kickstarter today. They make a statement in more ways than one. Find out how in our review!

Melgeek Mojo68 is a Keyboard You Can See Through (Review)

The Melgeek Mojo68 is a custom keyboard you can buy, ready to use out of the box. Featuring wired and wireless connectivity, a translucent plastic case, a gasket mount design, and more, this is a keyboard you won't want to miss. Find out more in our review!

Epomaker NT68 Wireless Magic Mechanical Keyboard Review

Designed to sit directly on top of your laptop keyboard, is Epomaker's new portable mechanical keyboard worth a buy? Find out in our review.