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Was Kate Worth the Wait? Marvel's Avengers First Post-Launch Character Impressions

If there was such a thing as the 8 stages of Gamer Grief, I've been through just about all of them when it comes to Marvel's Avengers. During the pre-order and open beta, I experienced the first stage of Gamer Grief - Denial. I told myself, as many who play pre-release online games do, that "this is just beta and it will get better". With the Hawkette Kate Bishop now in the game, has Marvel's Avengers met fans expectations with the new, long awaited, first post-launch character?

Marvel's Avengers Latest War Table Announces Kate Bishop Release December 8th

Marvel's Avengers has had a tumultuous post-launch, but in the latest War table, Crystal Dynamics gives a release date for their first new character, Kate Bishop. The bow-wielding, purple wearing, female Hawkeye will have her own story that will kick off Season 1's new chapter.