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ArcheAge: Unchained Opens Fresh Start Server in NA and EU Today With Almost No Content Gating

Today, ArcheAge: Unchained opens up its Fresh Start servers, with a series of boosts, and rewards to help those starting over with boosted progression and rewards.

Kakao And XLGames Confirm ArcheAge 2 Is Still In Development, Coming 2024

ArcheAge 2 is indeed coming, as Kakao Games and XLGames confirmed today in a joint press release. The upcoming sequel to was first announced back in 2020 and confirmed to be running on Unreal Engine 5.

Elyon Gets New Class, But the Game is Shutting Down in North America and Europe on December 7th

Today, Elyon gets the duel-wielding melee Soulbringer class, but the new update was accompanied by the news that the game will shut down in North America and Europe in December. 

ArcheAge: Unchained Fresh Start Servers Coming September 15th

Fresh Start servers will open for ArcheAge: Unchained on September 15th, offering bonuses and a clean slate. This time, Kakao Games won't gate the content rollout.

ArcheAge Fresh Start Server Coming September 15th, With Double and Triple Bonuses and Extra Rewards

Next month, ArcheAge will open its Fresh Start servers, offering players a chance to start on even ground to level and gear up with progression bonuses and lots of rewards.

The Soulbringer Brings its Rapid-Slicing Twin Blades to Elyon on September 7th

The Soulbringer, a new dual sword-wielding melee class for Elyon, arrives on September 7th.

Kakao Wants ArcheAge Community Feedback on 2022 Changes and Upcoming Improvements

After Kakao Games took over publishing rights, they've made a number of changes and improvements to ArcheAge. Now, they're offering a list of changes they've made and ones they're working on and seeking player feedback.

ArcheAge Begins New ArchePass Season, a Treasure Event, Balance Changes, and Kakao Clarifies Alt Policies

A new ArchePass season, an event that could net you pass upgrades, and more are happening in ArcheAge. Kakao Games is clarifying policies on alts, after concluding previous communication was unclear.

Awaken the Abyssal Kraken for Bragging Rights and Loot in ArcheAge

The latest ArcheAge update has added the Abyssal Kraken, which you can potentially awaken, the Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf free for all event, improvements, and more.

The Great Prairie of the West Opens in ArcheAge, Bringing New Quests, Lore, and Events to Celebrate

The Great Prairie of the West opens up today in ArcheAge with events to celebrate. The new region brings new monsters, quests, lore, the Guardian Scramble large scale faction competition.

Interview: Talking ArcheAge's Upcoming Grand Prairie Update Wtih XL Games Ham Young Jin

ArcheAge's next major content update releases tomorrow, and we had the chance to chat with XL Games' producer Ham Young Jin about the content, as well as what players can look forward to through the rest of 2022 and in the future.

ArcheAge Will Not Merge Auction Houses After All, Matchmaking Merge Goes Ahead

Reversing its decision, Kakao Games will not merge the auction houses in ArcheAge, leading to some warnings about access when using the next update's new merged matchmaking tool.

ArcheAge Will Add a New Region, the Great Prairie of the West, on June 23rd

A new region is coming to ArcheAge. After hints at new content for a while, the Great Prairie of the West will open up on June 23rd.

Battle Enemies and Protect Allies as the Paladin Arrives in Elyon, Along With Some Events, New Gear, and More

The Paladin arrives in Elyon to fight and defend, with new gear added, cross-Realm matchmaking, and new events to get you boosted.

No More Moving Bosses Via Vehicles in ArcheAge With the Latest Update

An exploit that let players move bosses around to reset their HP using vehicles has gotten its first fixes in ArcheAge. The update also introduces a new pass for ArcheAge: Unchained, and makes up for recent event bugs.