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The RPG Files: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Preview

There are few JRPGs that left as memorable an experience on Garrick as Xenoblade Chronicles. Join him as he breaks down his first moments and impressions from the upcoming Nintendo Switch JRPG.

The RPG Files: Trials of Mana Review

Trials of Mana is a fantastic remake of an Action RPG that tragically never came to the West until recently. It is evident that great care has been taken to create an experience as close to the original as possible, although liberties to improve upon the story should have been taken on. Although the combat may get repetitive and boss battles are rarely challenging, Trials has a ton of charm and fun that is easily accessible for new players and old fans alike.

The RPG Files: Trials of Mana Impressions

Trials of Mana is a complete remake of Seiken Densetsu III that launched in Japan for the Super Famicom back in 1995. Garrick gives us his thoughts after 15 hours with the game on PS4.

The RPG Files - Persona 5 Royal Review

Persona 5 Royal is a masterclass in how to re-release a title, making it feel fresh and unique. As a newcomer to Persona 5, Robin breaks down why this might be one of the best games to come out to date.

Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Preload Starts Today, Final Trailer Released

Square Enix announced earlier today that those who bought the digital version of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE can now start the process of pre-loading on your PlayStation 4.

Persona 5 Royal: The Training Wheels Come Off

Robin is hard at work going through the life of a Japanese high school student in Persona 5, and now the training wheels have come off for her. Check out her latest review in progress of Persona 5 Royal