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EVE Online Receives Two Major Visual Updates Including Jita 4-4 Interior and Aura

Capsuleers, rejoice! CCP announced two major visual updates for EVE Online involving the interior of Jita 4-4 Trade Hub and everyone's favorite AI, Aura.

Do You Need A Healthy MMO Economy To Enjoy A Game?

One of the issues that Bradford has with many MMOs, especially older ones, is the economy. Money in those games doesn't seem to matter as much as it should. It's a part of these games that drives down the quality of the experience. However, for some, it might not be a huge deal. How do you feel about MMO economies and how they relate to your enjoyment?

EVE Online's Most Popular Trade Hub Gets A Facelift

One of the major trade hubs - if not the most popular one - has finished its rennovations, unveiling a new look for Jita 4-4 in EVE Online.