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ArenaNet Co-Founder Jeff Strain's Next Studio Is Crop Circle Games

Jeff Strain, known for co-founding ArenaNet, Undead Labs, and more, has announced his new studio venture, Crop Circle Games.

New Report Details Workplace Culture and Harassment at Undead Labs

Undead Labs, the studio cofounded (and later sold to Microcoft by) Jeff Strain, known for the State of Decay series, is the latest subject of an investigative report about harassment, discrimination, and mistreatment at a games company.

Former Blizzard And Co-Founder Of ArenaNet Jeff Strain Calls For Unionization In The Games Industry

In a letter published with permission by IGN, former Blizzard developer and co-founder of Guild Wars 2 developer Jeff Strain is calling for unionization within the games industry. The letter, which Strain also sent to employees at his new venture, sees the games industry executive state that he has "nothing to fear" from unionization.