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Preview Mad World's NPC Voiceovers and See a Dark New Trailer Before Next Week's Final Alpha

With the final alpha test set to begin next week, Jandisoft is sharing a peek at Mad World's NPC voiceovers and has a new trailer with some of the dark monsters you'll face.

See a Brutal New Teaser as Jandisoft Reveals Mad World Final Alpha Dates This Month

Mad World will have its final alpha test this month, as Jandisoft releases dates, a brutal new teaser, and details on what to expect.

Learn About Class Switching on the Fly, Flexible Leveling, as Mad World Site is Updated With Lots of New Info

Jandisoft has updated the Mad World site with lots of information on the upcoming cross-platform HTML5 MMO. Now, you can find out about lore, easy class switching, pets, cross-platform play, monsters, and more.

Mad World Sets Final Alpha for May, Shows PC-Mobile Cross Platform Play

There's a look at PC-mobile cross-play for upcoming Mad World MMO. The final alpha test has also been scheduled for next month, with a final release set for later this year.

Mad World Founders Pack Info and Details Discovered, Giving a Hint at Monetization

New details on Founder's Packs for Jandisoft's upcoming Mad World have been found, with details on pricing and tiers, giving a hint at monetization.

Mad World Trailer Shows off Dungeons, Bosses, and More, With Alpha 5.0 Coming Next Week

Mad World is getting its alpha 5.0 test next week, while a brand new trailer shows off dungeons, bosses, and more ahead of the next test.

Mad World Drops a Brand New Trailer Ahead of Alpha 5.0 in February

A new trailer for Mad World shows off the game's combat, bossts, monsters, and a peek at the story of a search for hope in a world filled with despair.

Mad World's Alpha 5.0 Is Coming in February, With New Details Each Week

Mad World Alpha 5.0 is coming in February, with the Jandisoft team set to reveal new details leading up to the test.

Mad World Alpha 4.0 Begins and Includes a Flesh Collecting, Tree Decorating Holiday Event

The new alpha test for Mad World  has begun and there are new updates and changes to go along with the opening of the latest round of testing. This alpha also brings with it a holiday event, Everyone's Festival, where you'll collect flesh for prizes.

Mad World MMO Gets a New Alpha Preview Showing New and Updated Systems, New Monsters, and More

The next alpha for Mad World opens next week, and there's a new video showing off new and updated systems, new monsters, and more.

Mad World Alpha 4.0 Trailer Released - Register for Upcoming Tests Now

Mad World: Age of Darkness, the upcoming, hand drawn, isometric fantasy MMORPG is heading into their Alpha 4.0 build and they want you to be a part of testing. The new trailer depicts some of the crazy, (mad, some would say) battles that players will encounter as the team at Jandisoft Co. continues their climb towards a beta version.

Mad World Alpha Begins Today With a New Update and Improvements to Quests & Battle Zone

The third alpha for Mad World  is now live today and will run through the end of the month. To kick off the alpha, there is a new update that adds a whole lot of improvements and new content for the test.

Get a Look at  Mad World's Combat and Music Before Next Week's Alpha Begins

Mad World is headed into its third alpha phase next week, and developer Jandisoft has released several videos showing the cross-platform MMORPG's combat.

Mad World Third Alpha Coming Later This Month, New Music Released

Mad World will have its third alpha test in late October. The team is also releasing music tracks from the cross-platform MMO.

Cross-Platform MMORPG Mad World is Looking for Alpha Testers

Mad World, the upcoming 2D cross-platform MMORPG in development by Jandisoft, is preparing a third alpha test next week, and is looking for more testers.