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RuneScape Makes Instakills More Distinguishable, Polls the Community on Fresh Start Worlds

RuneScape is winding down January events, preparing for a new developer stream this week, and tweaking death costs changes again. Jagex is also polling the community on Fresh Start servers.

Old School RuneScape Updates Wilderness Bosses and Details Record Breaking New Skill Vote

The Wilderness Boss Rework is here for Old School RuneScape, with Jagex also reprting a record-breaking community vote on the upcoming skill.

RuneScape Tweaks Death Costs and Old School Polls the Community on a New Skill

Jagex will hold a Jagex Accounts closed beta with an eye on transition to the new system. RuneScape continues tweaking death cost reductions, and Old School RuneScape is asking the community what they'd want from a new skill this year.

RuneScape Opens Long-Awaited Mobile Social Lobby and Adds New Cosmetic Overrides

The long-requested mobile social lobby for RuneScape is here, opening up access to friends, clan, and more. Jagex is also adding new cosmetic overrides for the new Treasure Hunter.

Solve a Murder Mystery in New Secrets of the North Master Quest in Old School RuneScape

The Mahjarrat storyline continues in a new Master Quest in Old School RuneScape. Secrets of the North has arrived, with new rewards to earn as you solve a murder mystery and take on a solo boss.

Death Cost Reduction Now in RuneScape, Along With Some Special Loot Opportunities

Death and taxes take on a positive spin in RuneScape. The death costs reduction is live, saving an average 80% (though there's a new tax to help offset this). There are also two events that could net you rare loot.

Jagex Details RuneScape's Major Death Costs Reductions

Jagex is giving details on their thought process behind major death costs reductions and related overhauls before they arrive this month in RuneScape.

Jagex Acquires SCUM Developer Gamepires, Plans 1.0 Multiplatform Release for the Open-World Survival Game

Jagex has made its second studio acquisition, this time buying Croatia-based Gamepires, the developer behind open-world survival game SCUM, with plans to use its expertise in live service and community to grow the game.

Necromancy Will Be RuneScape's 29th Skill, Coming in 2023

Necromancy will be RuneScape's 29th skill when it arrives next year. Jagex revealed this along with roadmap update details on new storyline, quests, death costs reduction, and much more to come in 2023.

Old School RuneScape Reveals New Grandmaster Quest, Bounty Hunter, and Desert Treasure Returns in 2023

The Winter Summit for Old School RuneScape revealed a new Grandmaster Quest coming in January, a continuation of Desert Treasure, the return of an improved Bounty Hunter, and much more.

RuneScape is Raising Money for Charity With Humble Bundle and Drastically Lowering Death Costs in 2023

Death costs are dropping drastically in RuneScape in 2023, as the team teases its next reveal. Also, RuneScape and Humble Bundle have teamed up on a charity bundle with RuneScape goodies for charity.

RuneScape Begins Teasing 2023 Content, As Legacy of Zamorak Closes With Final Quest

Legacy of Zamorak is coming to a close in RuneScape with Succession, the storyline's final quest. RuneScape also has a new winter Yak Track and is teasing 2023 content.

Old School RuneScape Winter Summit is Set for December 10th, as Jagex Details Make Good for Outage

December 10th will be the next Winter Summit for Old School RuneScape. Jagex is also detailing game jam details, and its make good plans for November's outages.

RuneScape, After Addressing Login Issues, Preps Advent Calendar Gifts, Improves Dragon Weapons

After resolving some rampant login issues, this week, RuneScape tweaks Dragon weapons, preps the December Advent calendar bonuses, and refreshes Fresh Start bonuses.

RuneScape Opens The Garden of Kharid, New Skilling-Focused Content That Will Put You to Work

RuneScape is taking players to The Garden of Kharid starting on November 7th. In this garden, you'll find some druids who are wondering why this garden has suddenly sprouted in Gielinor.