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RuneScape Expands Necromancy With New Quest, Protection Glyph Tweak, and New Gem Moonstones

RuneScape is set to expand on Necromancy, and the City of Um, next week, with the new Housing of Parliament update. Expect a new quest, the arrival of Moonstone Jewelry for crafting, adjustments to glyphs and more.

RuneScape Dev Jagex Reportedly Sold For $1.1 Billion to European-US-Led Companies

After reports speculated that a deal might be close for the sale of RuneScape developer Jagex from UK's Carlyle private equity group to CVC Capital, the deal is now official.

RuneScape Combat Update Coming in March, More WildyWyrm, and a Bigger, Better Easter Announced

The RuneScape team is sharing an update about their plans for the next two months, including the big combat update, along with a new update out today. 

RuneScape's Combat Beta Enters New Phase, With Call For Variety of Testers to Help Jagex Finalize Update

RuneScape's combat beta continues with a new phase, as Jagex also offers players a 2023 stats recap, more Treasure Hunter, and more.

RuneScape's Latest Visual Upgrades Come to the Kingdom of Kandarin

RuneScape has unveiled the latest round of visual upgrades, this time for the Kingdom of Kandarin. The team has some new comparison screenshots and a new dev video taking us through all of the overhauls.

RuneScape Plans to Shut Down Forums For Good, Pushes Discord Instead

Last week Runescape announced the closure of its official forums.

RuneScape Adds New Hats and Buffs for the 23rd Anniversary, and Improves Vorkath Loot

RuneScape's 23rd anniversary was technically last week, but the team is opening up a new celebration with this week's update. Of course, there are hats (and buffs).

RuneScape Launched 23 Years Ago Today

 RuneScape launched back on January 4, 2001, meaning that today marks the game's 23rd anniversary. After a big 2023, the community is even looking ahead to the 25th.

One Runescape Player Has Finally Received Every Drop From Every Boss

Runescape has been around since 2001 and has been one of the most iconic MMORPGs to ever hit the market. One player has finally bagged every drop from every in-game boss and has decided to share their story on how they completed this monumental feat. 

Jack Frost and Loads of Rewards Return, Along With New Fun to Discover in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is all in on the holiday spirit, with the beginning of the 2023 Christmas event and need to know info on Leagues, and gifts during the holiday period.

RuneScape Revamps Christmas, With New Quest, Monthlong Celebrations, and a Chance at a Black Partyhat

RuneScape is making for a merry holiday season with a revamped Christmas event. Does the opportunity to get your hands on a black partyhat get the holiday cheer flowing in you? Well, it's back, along with many more surprises and gift opportunities.

Defend Fort Forthinry From Zemouregal and Ancient Dragon Vorkath in RuneScape

RuneScape's next quest is here, in the new Necromancy season challenge, Vorkath: Battle of Forthinry. Face down Zemouregal and the newly-awoken ancient dragon Vorkath in a multi-phase battle to defend Fort Forthinry.

RuneScape's Latest Visual Upgrades Enhance Details of Pets, Environments, and Enemies

RuneScape is enhancing some visuals this week, with a new round of graphical and color improvements. Jagex also announced

RuneScape Opens Combat Beta, Announces New Boss and More in November

RuneScape has a lot planned in November, and in addition to the new combat beta beginning today, the team is giving a rundown of the next month. 

RuneScape Launching Combat Beta to Weave Some Necromancy Combat Style Elements into Existing Styles

After letting the Necromancy update settle in and the community adjust to the new content, Jagex has some balance changes and announced RuneScape will refine the existing combat styles.