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LOTRO PSA: Today is the Last Day To Log Into Ithil

Here's a quick PSA for all you Lord of the Rings Online players out there who may have missed it: today is the final day to log into Ithil.

The Lord of the Rings Online Opens Character Transfers From Anor To Non-Legendary Severs

Earlier this week, Lord of the Rings Online players learned that the legendary server, Ithil, would be coming to a close. One interesting bit of info from the closure was that characters on the legendary server could be transfered to any server, not just the other legendary one, Anor. It seems players liked that idea and Standing Stone Games agrees, as it has just now opened transfers off Anor too.

Lord of the Rings Online Is Closing Ithil, One Of Its Legendary Servers, On June 15th

The Lord of the Rings Online is closing one of its Legendary Servers, Ithil, on June 15th, Standing Stone Games announced today. Characters will be able to be transferred to any server they wish, including the other Legendary Server, Anor, for free until December 31st.