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Crowfall Has Predictable Launch Day Issues, Suffers DDoS Attacks On Servers

Crowfall launched yesterday, and while the MMO seemed mostly stable early on, as the floodgates opened more and more the predictable launch day issues started to trickle in for the Kickstarted MMO. Additionally it seems that some of the issues could be related to what Crowfall's Creative Director reported as DDoS attacks hitting the servers during the day.

Elder Scrolls Online's Console Enhanced Edition Launch Hasn't Gone Swimmingly On Sony's PlayStation 5 [Updated]

If you're a PlayStation 5 player hoping to dive into the upgraded version of The Elder Scrolls Online today, you might be having a bad time. Currently it seems there is an issue with Sony's server and those who bought digital versions, where the PlayStation 5 is requiring a disk to play.

Frontier's CEO Apologizes For State Of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Launch, Taking Issues 'Very Seriously'

If you're one of the many commanders who tried their hand at Elite Dangerous Odyssey last week when it launched just two weeks out of its Alpha, you've likely noticed it doesn't have the same level of polish Frontier Developments has been known for. As such, CEO David Braben took to the Frontier forums to apologize "wholeheartedly."

Elyon Closed Beta Test Stumbles Out Of The Gate, Beta Will Be Extended 'Accordingly' Per Developers

Look, it's no secret that betas don't always start the best. Issues typically abound when cramming thousands of eager players into a new game right away. Elyon's beta test, which kicked off this morning, has been no different.

Outriders Servers See Improvements Over the Weekend

Outriders, the looter shooter always-online non-live service game from developers People Can Fly, has had a pretty rough launch with matchmaking issues, server instability, and mass stuttering on PC. It looks like inroads were made over the weekend to address these issues.

Latest Crowfall Patch Is All About Fixing Issues

The most recent beta patch for Crowfall squarely aims at fixing a bunch of existing issues.

Revelation Online Provides Update on Battle for Voras Issues and Pricing

The Revelation Online team have provided an update in the official Discord on the issues with Battle For Voras. Here's the latest update.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Issues 'Highest Priority' for Guerrilla Games

The issues for Horizon Zero Dawn's PC outing have been prevalent since its launch on Friday.

Revelation Online Provides Update on Battle for Voras Issues

Remember the Battle for Voras issues we reported on plaguing Revelation Online? Well, it looks like those issues have persisted as per a new update from the team.

Revelation Online's Battle for Voras Suffering Issues

If the Discord message is anything to go by, it looks like Revelation Online's Battle for Voras is encountering some issues.

New Conan Exiles Hotfix Addresses Crash Related to Filtering Server List

You may recall Conan Exiles has had some server list issues as of late. They recently just issued another hotfix to address that very thing.

Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Provides Update on Greymoor and Update 26 Launch

With the recent rocky launch of Greymoor, the latest chapter for Elder Scrolls Online, Game Director Matt Firor has posted a lengthy update addressing the issues and ongoing actions.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Working with Microsoft to Resolve PC Launch Issues

Phantasy Star Online 2 is now working in collaboration with Microsoft regarding the download and launch issues that have been plagueing it on Windows 10 since it went live earlier this week.

Population Zero Addresses Launch Concerns After Rocky Early Access Release

It looks like Population Zero's recent launch has been mired with issues as the team issues a statement outlining upcoming fixes.

Wolcen Shares Known Issues

The Wolcen team have shared known issues as part of

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