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Ashes of Creation Shows off Updated 1,200km World Map and New Forest Biome Headed to Alpha 2

Intrepid Studios' latest Ashes of Creation stream has revealed a look at expanding biomes, and plans for more, including a much larger map headed into the planned second alpha.

Ashes of Creation Teases the Alpha 2 Desert Biome and Weapon Impact FX in New Trailers

Intrepid Studios is building towards their release of Ashes of Creation's Alpha 2 with two new trailers intended to get you hyped. The first trailer depicts the new Desert Biome in all its sandy and craggy glory, while the second trailer shows off the ground impact visual FX.

Ashes of Creation Shows Off Weather Effects in Charming Alpha Two Preview

As the sweltering Summer is steadily climbing to its peak here in the real world, Intrepid Studios has given homage to all seasons in their latest teaser video. Alpha Two intends to introduce seasons to Ashes of Creation along with some complementary weather effects.

Learn About the Wide Variety of Events Planned to Shape the World in Ashes of Creation

For Ashes of Creation, there's a new devblog out covering all things events, with a list of just some of what the team is planning across a wide variety of types.

Ashes of Creation Highlights 'Dynamic PvE', Seasonal and World Events, and Looks for Community Feedback

The recent dev stream for Ashes of Creation dove into the planned seasonal and world events, "dynamic PvE", and gave a peek at a boss.

Let the Ashes of Creation Devs Walk You Through the Alpha Two Character Creator

The Ashes of Creation team showed off a first look at the alpha two character creator, with just some of the many, many options they're planning.

Ashes of Creation Dev Stream shows off the Py'Rai and Goes Deep into the Animal Husbandry System

Ashes of Creation dev stream goes into a deep dive on the upcoming animal husbandry system and shows off the brand new reworked Py'Rai race art.

Ashes of Creation Stream Reveals the Vek, New Race Art, Talks Growth and Plans for Alpha 2

Ashes of Creation's latest dev update stream revealed the Vek and new race art, talked studio growth, and plans for alpha 2.

Ashes of Creation Interview with Steven Sharif: 'This Will Be One of the Largest and Most Successful MMOs'

The past 6 years have been pretty wild for Intrepid Studios, with their flagship title, Ashes of Creation, pushing through the different stages of development. With Alpha 2 on the horizon, and their recent transition from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5, there is plenty to get excited about when it comes to Ashes of Creation. Shortly after the announcement of the UE5 transition, we sat down with creative director, Steven Sharif, to talk about the advancements the game has made, how the outloo

Ashes of Creation Team Adds Senior Narrative Designer Wynne McLaughlin

Ashes of Creation has a new Senior Narrative Designer in Wynne McLaughlin, former lead writer and narrative designer on Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ashes of Creation Posts August Development Update

If you're an Ashes of Creation fan anxiously awaiting developmental updates, then you just happen to be in luck. An hour and a half long update from Creative Director Steven Sharif, and Community marketing Lead Margaret Krohn has a ton of information surrounding the progress made throughout August, and what we can look forward to in the near future.

Ashes of Creation's Creative Director Explains What He Thinks Gets Players Hyped

A recent thread on Reddit questioning why players are hyped for Ashes of Creation saw a bevy of answers as to why the players are excited for the upcoming MMORPG. However, a telling response from Ashes of Creation's own Steven Sharif detailed why he thinks players are hyped, and he lashed out at those that spread lies about his past with a Multi-Level Marketing company.

Ashes of Creation June Alpha One Test Delayed, Cites Other MMO Launches, More For Delay

Ashes of Creation's upcoming NDA-less Alpha One test was scheduled to take place on June 1st and run the whole month, however in an update Intredpid Studios has announced that the test will be delayed into July.

Ashes of Creation's Combat Revamp Won't Complete Until After Alpha One

Ashes of Creation's (AoC) creative director, Steven Sharif, took to Reddit today to answer some questions about the combat revamp that was originally slated for a March Alpha One Preview Test. The revamp is meant to make combat more fluid, although Sharif indicates that the final form of combat may still change as AoC's development continues.

Ashes of Creation Shows Off Alpha Gameplay in Latest Dev Stream

In the latest Developer Stream, Ashes of Creation's Steven Sharif shows off the progress Intrepid Studios has made.