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Into the Echo Shares Info on The Interconnected Crafting Systems and Social System

Into the Echo gets a new devblog about crafting, gathering, and exploration an update on development, as well as how this coincides with their episodic Journey Across Raava lore experience.

Into the Echo Lore Prequel Journey Across Raava's First Update Adds Crafting and Opens a Murder Mystery

Journey Across Raava, the recently-released browser-based game that serves as a lore experience leading up to upcoming MMORPG Into the Echo, has its first new chapter. The Kikitora update adds new story, new features, and quests as a murder mystery unfolds.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Eternal Tombs Is Real

This week, Fractured Online offers reduced pricing leading up to its Early Access return, Zenith announces a skill rework and Quest 3 plans, and Eternal Tombs shows off a gameplay demo.

Into the Echo Devs Release Their Free, Episodic Lore Adventure, Journey Across Raava

Into the Echo developer Etlok Studios has released its free, browser-based lore game, Journey Across Raava, which will connect its lore to the eventual release of the MMORPG. The new experience will be episodic, with new monthly content.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Find The Golden Goober Already

This week, The Hunt for the Golden Goober is still underway, Broken Ranks had a kidnapping don't worry, it was staged), and Into the Echo (image above) prepares to expand its lore while another MMO heads to the grave.

Into the Echo Announces Early Access Date for Journey Across Raava

The developers at Etlok Studios have announced that the Early Access for their interactive lore experience, Journey Across Raava, will begin on August 25th.

Into the Echo Gets An Episodic, Free Lore Experience -  Journey Across Raava

Work on time-travel based MMO Into the Echo continues, and Etlok Studios is opening the door a little bit via a new free, episodic lore experience that ties directly into their upcoming game.

Into the Echo Team Updates After Long Silence, and Development Continues

It has been a while since we've heard anything from the Into the Echo team, but a recent update confirms the game continues in development and we should expect to hear much more this year.

Into the Echo Delays Pre-Alpha Again Due to Team Members Evacuating from Ukraine War

The next pre-alpha test for Into the Echo has been pushed to early April due to "to some unforeseen circumstances surrounding the war in Ukraine".

Into the Echo Moves Pre-Alpha By a Week, With a New Lore Blog Setting Up Major Conflict

Into the Echo will push back its pre-alpha by one week, and the team has a brand-new lore blog setting up some major conflict we can expect in the game.

The Second Into the Echo Pre-Alpha Coming in March, New Snake Pond Concept Art Released

Into the Echo will hold its second pre-alpha test next month for the upcoming time-travel MMORPG. The news also comes accompanied by some brand new concept art.

A New Into the Echo Interview Reveals More on Time Travel, Progression, Combat, and the World of Raava

There's more on Into the Echo via a new interview. We learn about the game's time travel system and lore, combat, progression, and the world of Raava.

First Into the Echo Pre-Alpha Set for Next Week

We still don't know a whole lot about Into the Echo, an upcoming MMORPG from ETLOK Studios,  but the studio has announced that after a new round of funding, pre-alpha will start next week.

Into The Echo Heads to Pre-Alpha Testing in December - Urges Players to Apply

November is almost over, and the upcoming time-traveling MMORPG Into the Echo has big plans for December after they've announced their first pre-alpha test slated for early next month. The team at ETLOK Studios will be allowing only a small set of players that have signed up for the alpha into the game for the first test, so they are urging interested community members, not to delay and sign up soon if they wish to be selected.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Crowdfunding, Lots Of Testing, And World War 85

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For many of us, the holiday week means an extended weekend. After you eat way more turkey than you should, you can spend the rest of your free time playing your favorite indie MMOs. Don't have a favorite indie MMO yet? Maybe you'll find one in this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.