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Shiny Shoe CEO Reflects on Lessons From Inkbound Early Access, From Monetization Pivot to Feedback

Shiny Shoe CEO and co-founder Mark Cooke has a new post-mortem talking about the development and Early Access period for their game, Inkbound, and what went right and wrong on the way to its recent 1.0 launch.

Inkbound Review: Rise of the Unbound Merges Polish, Strategy and Story in this Co-Op Roguelike

Inkbound has come a long way, and it seems like the majority of Rise of the Unbound irons our the rough edges for new players. Read our full review to find out how!

Inkbound Officially Launches 1.0 With 'Rise of the Unbound' Update, New Final Boss, Polish, and improvements

Inkbound 1.0 is now live, as Shiny Shoe's tactical roguelike getting its next major update, Rise of the Unbound, expect new questlines, new items, and a brand new final boss, The Unbound.

Inkbound 1.0 Launch Moved Up to April 9th, With New Content Coming

Inkbound is heading towards its 1,0 launch next week, and the Shiny Shoe team has moved up the original date to next Tuesday, April 9th. 

GDC 2024: Inkbound Interview - Looking Back On Early Access And Ahead to Rise of the Unbound Launch

During GDC 2024, we had the chance to visit Shiny Shoe's offices in San Francisco to talk to the team about the lessons learned during early access, as well as what new things players can expect when its Rise of the Unbound 1.0 launch hits on April 10th.

Inkbound Leaves Early Access this April with the Rise of the Unbound Update

Inkbound, the co-op tactical roguelite by Monster Train studio Shiny Shoe, is set to leave early access with game update 1.0 on April 10.

Inkbound Shares Final Roadmap Update Until 1.0, Then Adds Multiple New Features On It Today

Inkbound has a new, updated roadmap that developer Shiny Shoe is calling the final update until 1.0. New additions to the list of features they're aiming for the 1.0 launch include localization, badges and trading cards, and more.

Happy ThanksGaming Day! Let's Celebrate the Games That Got Us Through 2023

This year has been full of some fantastic game releases, but Steven narrowed it down to three games that he's thankful for. After checking them out, hop into the comments and tell us what games you're thankful for this year.

Inkbound's Gods & Relics Update Introduces Two New Classes and Removes the Cash Shop

Inkbound is set to receive a some big changes in their next major update, Gods & Relics, which launches today, October 27, 2023, at 12:00 PM ET.

Inkbound to Remove All In-Game Monetization, Making Cosmetics Earnable In-Game

Inkbound is removing all in-game monetization, including its Leveling Pass, later this month. the change is towards a more user-friendly game, making almost everything available just by playing the game.

Inkbound Early Access Roadmap Update Details Next Major Update This Month and Road to 1.0

Inkbound is about to have a busy October. Developer Shiny Shoe has a brand new roadmap update with new goals, details on what they're working on, and the date for the next major update, October 27th.

Inkbound Adds Multiplayer Matchmaking, Improves Features in Mid-Season Update

The mid-season update for Inkbound is set for today, and introduces multiplayer matchmaking, an improved ping system, easier difficulty changes, and additional quality of life and system improvements.

Inkbound Preview: Starship of Terrors Brings Some Welcome Changes and More to This Rogulike Co-Op RPG

Indie game studio Shiny Shoe has unveiled the latest update for their game, Inkbound, titled Starship of Terrors. Do you have what it takes to finish this story?

Inkbound 'Starship of Terrors' Bringing New Star Captain Class, Derelict Starship Book, and More

A special update, Starship of Terrors, is coming this month to Inkbound. The sixth player class, Star Captain, will arrive, complete with specialization in lasers and frost, a new book, Derelict Spaceship, and more.

Inkbound Will Get its Next Major Update, With New Content, and New Season on August 23rd

August 23rd, Shiny Shoe's online RPG Inkbound is getting its next major update. Expect new content, a new Leveling Pass (season pass), and more new features for the early access title.